Careers services to drive your qualitative employability

As a student of the MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence, you will benefit from a dedicated career track which will include workshops, expert panels, fairs, events, company visits, etc.

The Careers Services Departments from both schools will provide all students with continual support in identifying career goals and developing action plans. Program-specific careers services include:

  • Workshops: Careers workshops help you prepare for your internship search and future career. Self-assessment tools and individual coaching provide you with the opportunity to prepare your next move.
  • Tools: our wide range of career tools help you find out more information on partner companies and sector specific resources, including databases with internship and job offers.
  • Events: Over 200 companies visit emlyon business school campuses each year and provide students with continuous access to the business community. (Events include company visits, conferences and expert panels, finance careers days, vocation days, jobs to change the world...)

employability perspectives

  • 90% employment rate within 6 months after the end of the program with 50 % before graduation
  • Gross salary: 40/45 K€
  • Job location: mostly France (and Paris) and 25 % international. Lyon and the region being a hub in Health and Life Sciences, potential perspectives are also local

As the program is new, these statistics are based on current MSc programs managed by emlyon business school in other activity sector or field with similar entry profiles and jobs perspectives for 2017 graduates.


In terms of recruiters, emlyon business school and Mines Saint Etienne have experience from other programs and graduates active in the health industry or in data intelligence scope that may give you some inspiration:

Key competencies targeted by recruiters

  • In-depth knowledge of the organizational, political and economic issues of the various stakeholders within the health ecosystem, and therefore an ability to act efficiently, with the required agility, in line with the ecosystem’s rules and standards
  • Strong technical knowledge, with the ability to jointly develop with IoT, data, Al experts, qualify the relevance and reliability of data and identify the potential for value creation of these technologies
  • Particular focus on the “client” experience (the patient, in this sector), carrying out in-depth research into projects, decisions and innovations to improve this experience and to strengthen value creation for the client
  • Ability to connect intermediaries and organizations with different ideas and cultures to jointly develop innovative projects
  • Ability to support change and mobilize individuals around induced transformations
  • Ability to interact effectively in environments with different value systems and cultures

Alumni networks

As future graduate of emlyon business school, you will hold lifelong membership of emlyon business school forever alumni network, a network of near to 30,000 alumni covering 120 countries.

You will benefit from all services it offers, including the online assessment modules. Its members will help you further develop your career regardless of which stage you are at, by providing you with career development information, exchange business information with you and share their experience for you to build on.