Develop a cross-functionnal vision of the Sports Industry

Sports is no longer just about the game. Today, lifestyle, technology, government and even health intersect with sports. The MSc in Sports Industry Management provides an international transdisciplinary approach applied to sport case studies. It is specifically designed for you to gain core competencies and enable you to lead the change in this sector.

Learn from internationally renowned experts in the Sports Industry

This program was developed in partnership with internationally renowned teacher-researchers and industry experts to give you the hard and soft skills baggage required to take the lead and ensure success in the sports and outdoor industry. You will gain access to their exclusive knowledge and experiences, and they will give you the keys to build your professional project.

Gain a solid professional experience thanks to partnership with key players and networking opportunities

This program offers professional and international experiences such as industry field trips, in-company business projects, international seminars and study abroad opportunities in different countries. These experiences will provide you with a global vision and skills by immersing you in different social and business cultures around the world.