18 months to match your talent with the sports industry specific needs

Develop your international vision and skills

The MSc in Sports Industry Management, which takes place in Paris and Shanghai, is designed to help students gain core competencies to lead the change and overcome the sports business orthodoxy which has shaped the success of the past. With this in mind, the program's primary goal is to challenge students on soft and hard skills, providing a transdisciplinary approach, engaging participants to solve complex problems, disrupt existing business models, imagine new value systems through an entirely innovative learning path, directly preparing for their new profession in the sports and lifestyle industry.

Work with industry experts to obtain crucial professional experience

The ultimate objective of this strong hands-on sports industry graduate program is the development of personal and professional qualities that enable participants to make a valuable and impactful difference in their professional roles. Throughout the program, the learning experience is active and varied so that participants are engaged and motivated to adopt vital attitudes and behaviors such as autonomy, curiosity, critical thinking, involvement, and commitment.

Become employed in the global sports industry

The program was created in close collaboration with several professionals in the sports, lifestyle and entertainment sectors to respond to current, specific recruitment needs. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from and work for some of the top brands in the industry, like: Adidas, Patagonia, Petzl, Salomon, The North Face, PSG, etc. This master's in sports management degree will open doors in every sector of the industry such as sports marketing, sales, accounting, brand management, PR, and more.