Acquire professional skills in digital marketing, business analytics and data science

The program is divided into 4 main professional skills that you will acquire during the year to master the data and digital work environment. You will learn how to pilot a digital marketing strategy, plan, report and forecast with business analytics and automation, utilize programmatic skills to contribute to marketing challenges and identify new responsible opportunities in a data driven environment.

Become a digital and data savvy with innovative technologies expertise

As a marketing technologist, you are going to need a toolbox to help you evolve in a complex work environment. The program is designed to make you understand and use the most innovative technologies: at the end of your degree, you will master Python, SQL, Excel, Power BI, Tableau…and if you want you will have the opportunity to dig into Robotic Process automation, R or Dataiku. You will be able to visualize, analyze and use the data to build and implement a digital strategy for any company.

Meet the real needs of recruiters in an evolving world

Recruiters are facing real challenges to find young talents with skills in both digital and data areas to face the deep digital transformation of their industry. Furthermore, the ethical, social and environmental dimensions are now central in the strategic decisions companies are making. You will be fully aware of them thanks to our program: in each class, those dimensions are covered to prepare you for the future of work.