Program Overview

The study trip programme was designed for emlyon buiness school bachelor/master students for setting out their first step to meet real china in 1-2 weeks. During the week of study trip, students will not only witness the prosperous economic development but also gain an approach to communicate with experts and entrepreneurs in different industries. All the lectures aims to inspire students with innovative ideas about the future opportunity in China. Currently there are 100-200 international students per year participating study trip program from different campus.

During the learning trip at emlyon Asian Campus, students will be provided with opportunities to discover, witness and acquire a preliminary – yet informed - understanding of some of those topics, through:

  • To be exposed to the economic background to the country and recent evolutions, as well as the cultural underpinnings of business relations;
  • To be aware of the concept of globalization by witnessing the changes and trends in Shanghai
  • To review of the state and the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Chinese context,
  • To gain a number of opportunities to integrate this knowledge through round-table and panel discussions on doing business in China
  • To create the group dynamic and encourage the engagement among classmates
  • To enhance cross cultural communication and interaction through cultural integration activities
  • To understand and explore emlyon business school’s early markers spirit

Learning trip Objectives:

  • More choice for future career
  • Gain international background
  • Experience Asia business environment
  • Enjoy a splendid journey
  • Share brilliant ideas

Program period:1-2 weeks

Program Location:ECNU zhongbei campus

Participant Testimonial:

I learnt a lot of things from the study trip actually. I learnt things about Chinese culture which I didn't know at all, like Yin&Yang, the diverse dishes, the religions etc. Thanks to the conferences, we learnt about Chinese growth, how China changed from 1978 to 2018. That was really inspiring. I was impressed by the fast development of China. When I learnt about it I was really impressed. You can obviously notice it by comparing the old pictures and China now. Culture shock did present, there is a big difference between Moroccan culture and the Chinese culture. Not only in food, but also in the way of life, how people think and act. Visiting Alibaba was mind-blowing and we are surprised to find Chinese accomplish all the tasks via mobile.

- Meryem REGAG(Casablanca BBA study trip)

Shanghai is a big city with a lot of opportunities. People are very hospitable, and they are really happy to welcome us. Chinese food as well is very delicious for us. The alumni sharing was very interesting for me. Especially with the professional speeches working in Cathy innovation. He shows us what the Chinese market is for employees and how we have to do if we want to get a job in China. It’s very interesting for me because I’m very interested in working here and I know that I have to start by learning Chinese language. I also liked Rick XU’s course about Chinese history, It gave us many information about Chinese development from the past to the future, about Chinese political management with the great leader Mao Zedong, and finally, thank to his story, we can get a very good version about the Chinese place in the world.

-NDOUNGOU Typhen(Master in Finance engineering study trip)