2018 Asian Campus Semester Opening Ceremony Held Successfully


On Aug 30, 2018, around 170 international students from Program Grand Ecole and European Triple Degree and 30 local Chinese students started their new semester in emlyon business school Asian campus.

Asian Campus Semester aims to provide students opportunities to be exposed to the Chinese business environment, to understand recent economic evolutions, as well as the cultural underpinnings of business relations. Students will not only gain an international background but also rich cross-cultural communication experience through Asian Campus Semester Program and form an “early maker” sprit during the three months.

Overview of the grand ceremony

The opening ceremony & program introduction meeting of 2018 Asian Campus Semester was held in amphitheater A10 zizhu international education park. Prof. Dr. Nikola ZIVLAK, Academic director of Master/Bachelor programs; Mr. Cory WINTER, Vice President Food & Beverage, Regional Vice President Operations of Accorhotels Greater China; Miss. WANG Le, student of emlyon business school PGE program, student of Asian campus 2018 Fall semester made keynote speeches during the opening ceremony. Ms. Faye YAN, Senior Operation Manager made a program introduction to help students adapt to local life and familiarize with the program arrangement.


▲ Prof. Dr. Nikola ZIVLAK, Academic director of Master/Bachelor programs, gave a welcome speech

Prof. Dr. Nikola ZIVLAK warmly welcomed students, he introduced the rapid growth of Chinese market and its importance for international students to learn about. He mentioned that as the second largest economy and business center of in the world, China will not only be an eye opener but it could also possibly change the future of each student. He had also shared his academic and professional experience in China in order to inspire students to adapt and make full use of this semester.

“China is a big mystery for most of the people in the western World.They know that something is going on, that China had made tremendous success during the previous several decades, but they are not quite sure about everything that had actually happened. That is why we have a lot of things to learn and discover during this semester. After this semester nothing will stay the same. Inside yourselves, you will become totally different people full of very special knowledge that will help you in your further lives and careers. I am sure that this will be an extremely exciting semester for all of you and on behalf of our school I wish you the best luck and a lot of beautiful moments during the following months!”


▲ Mr. Cory WINTER, Vice President Food & Beverage, Regional Vice President Operations of AccorHotels Greater China.

Mr. WINTER made a presentation about the dynamic hospitality industry in China and AccorHotels' strategy and development in the market. He highlighted the fast-paced growth of tourism industry in China during the recent years and shared the importance of social media strategies nowadays. He also made a profound analysis on the vastness of China's e-commerce market and encouraged international students to dive into the digital space in China by trying the tools like Wechat, Taobao, etc, which they will find a new change on their day-to-day life. It’s a must-have to live China, explore China, savor China and enjoy China!

“Nowhere on the planet compares to China on so many different levels. Enormous in scale, fast paced, competitive and super connected. Today China is a must be-in and must win market.”


▲ Miss. Le WANG, shared her experience from student perspective

Miss. Le WANG shared her experience abroad in emlyon France and gave some suggestions to her fellow students. She encouraged the international students to be positive in facing challenges and experiencing differences. She stressed that cross-culture experience will change student’s mindset and the unforgettable experience “fighting as a warrior” will benefit students in the whole life.

"Facing with the complex world and colorful foreign life, it’s anecessity for us to always keep clear about what we want and what is right, toovercome our laziness and timidity, and to resist all temptations which may completely destroy us."


▲ Miss. Faye YAN, Sinor Operation Manager of bachor and master program, made an program introduction

Ms. Faye YAN gave a detailed programme introduction to students, provided international students with local life guidance, future academic arrangements, basic information of campus, administrative aspects and other useful instructions in order to help students adapt rapidly to their life in Shanghai.

Students' Sharing

We are glad to see that the 2018 Asian campus fall semester students found the ceremony inspiring and they feel that they are warmly welcomed and are looking forward to start their new semester.

“The opening ceremony is very interesting, it went very fast!Great overview of Chinese market!The keyfigures were talked about was fun, and we can’t wait to learn Asian business.We are inspired in the stories shared in speeches. if they can do it, why can’t us?”

▲ Mathilde CAIGNAULT
2018Fall semester PGE student

“The opening ceremony was a great introduction to both Chinese business culture and our future experience here. I was really impressed and glad to have the opportunity to meet the guests, especially the vice president of food & beverage from AccorHotels Greater China. He really gave us a significant and interesting overview of Chinese economy and situation. The speech of Miss. Wang was also a good way to introduce us to our new life here. To conclude, I was very happy to attend this opening ceremony and I’m even more excited to start this new adventure here.”

▲Jennifer Koné
2018 Fallsemester PGE student

AccorHotels representative’s speech was concrete and interesting. Motivated me to confront real business in China. I also hope I can learn concrete facts and deep understanding from teachers orothers who comes talking about their experience during the semester. I have been to China several times, and I grew fond of this country. Of course China is a country full of opportunities and a land where “impossible” seems to be realized. China is an incredible country, full of innovation, adapting to technology so fast.

▲Sixtine DESCOUS
2018 Fall semester PGE student

Memoriable Moments