emlyon business school Global DBA Asia Track takes stock of the multi-campus structure of the school and a network of top-level partnerships providing global reach combined with local knowledge and outstanding supervisory capacities. You will benefit from individualized learning pathways so that you pursue your intellectual excellence and advance your critical thinking through multiple paths, making an impact in your organization and society at large.

Phase I:

18 months,  Complete the study of all the workshops and submit the Full Research Proposal, and pass the defense of the Full Research Proposal.

Phase II:

30 months, Acquire the Doctorate Degree in Business Administration.

Phase I
Year 1
Year 2

[Workshop 1]

July, 2020 Introduction to Management Research

[Workshop 5]

April, 2021 Qualitative Research Methods

[Workshop 2]

September, 2020 Frontiers in Management and Business Research

[Workshop 6]

July, 2021 Quantitative Research Methods

[Workshop 3]

November, 2020 Progress on Research Proposal

[Workshop 7]

September, 2021 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods

[Workshop 4]

January, 2021 Literature Review and Academic Writing

[Workshop 8]

December, 2021 Full Research Proposal Defense

Phase II
Year 3
Year 4

Narrow down and further refine the research questions;

Apply qualitative and quantitative methods to make exploratory study under the guidance of supervisors;

Test, deduce, reflect and innovate, based on the middle-term empirical study;

Complete the doctorate dissertation and pass the preliminary and final dissertation defense.

Milestones of Research Contributions

  • Initial Research Memo
  • Research Proposal
  • Literature Review
  • Full Research Proposal
  • Pilot Research Report
  • Preliminary Draft of Dissertation
  • Final Dissertation

3 Defense Seminars

  • Research Proposal Defense
  • Dissertation Pre-Defense
  • Dissertation Final Defense