The right program to tailor your career plans

early maker

At emlyon business school we are about shaping skills and talents. It's our job to help you turn questions into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities into solutions. We will teach you how to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Build your hero's journey

You forget your own path and build a personal program and career plan according to your wishes, interests and priorities with an essential educational postulate: step out of your comfort zone to reveal yourself.

Creative learning

Creative Learning by emlyon business school gives you a chance to analyze, test, invent and act through experimentation. You will develop a mindset and way of thinking that should transcend your success and blossoming: the early maker way.


In today’s global business world, every company expects its employees to have the skills necessary to operate effectively in and with different countries. Being able to navigate different business and cultural environments successfully, and to work and lead intercultural teams are therefore skills necessary for your future success.

The MSc in Management Grande Ecole program offers you a set of opportunities to develop this dimension and foster your ability to grasp globalization.

  • Shanghai campus

To enhance your experience beyond the international setting the emlyon business school's European campus provides, you can also choose to spend time on emlyon business school's Shanghai Campus the heart of China's largest city Shanghai.

The Entrepreneurs for Asia programme combines management classes, consulting projects and company visits. You will be able to experience the Asian business environment first-hand, and increase your understanding of one of today's fastest-growing markets. An asset to you that any employer today looks upon very favourably.

  • Casablanca campus

In 2010 the McKinsey Global Institute described the potential and progress of African economies as “lions on the move”.

Today, despite the collapse of global commodity prices and political shocks that have slowed growth in North Africa, Africa’s economic lions are still moving forward. African economies easily rank among the most resilient in the world.

The courses and term build by emlyon business school in Africa is designed for participants who want to examine the fascinating spectrum of cultures and business practices in Africa and to understand how entrepreneurial skills give innovative responses to social problems and stimulate economic activity. You will have the opportunity to learn on the brand new campus, and fly to Dakar to get a global scope.