Learn essential skills for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Businesses

As the global focus on a more sustainable future impacts every level and aspect of society, the transformation needs professionals who can demonstrate that entrepreneurship is perhaps one of the most important drivers of the change. This program will equip you to become a major contributor capable of developing innovative entrepreneurial solutions that will make a difference to society.

You will acquire knowledge and develop your capacity to meet the demands of the global entrepreneurial environment.

Benefit from a truly global experience : Europe, America, Asia & Africa

The challenges and opportunities in sustainability entrepreneurship are both local and global. Through experiential learning in 4 continents, you will develop a truly global insight and learn how to successfully navigate the specifics of these different business environments, while making a difference to society.

Construct new pathways to sustainable innovation & entrepreneurship

As a student in the program, you will be encouraged to apply your knowledge acquisition and sustainable ambitions through the implementation of a personal entrepreneurial initiative or project.