Conditions for Admission

  1. Hold a higher education degree, MBA/EMBA or equivalent;
  2. Significant working experience, 10 years or more;
  3. A CV,  a preliminary Research Memo, Degree copy, 2 recommendation letters and a complete application form
  4. A good command of English.

Tuition Fee

2020 Intake Application Fee: RMB 2,500 or Euro 300

2020 Intake Tuition Fee: € 86,000 (divided in two installments)*

*Suspension fee: The student can apply for 1-year suspension during the study due to unforeseen reasons, 2 times only. For the first 1-year suspension, there will be no more charge. For the second 1-year suspension, a registration fee of 3,000 euros/year will apply.

* Extension fee: In the case of an extension of the program, due to the participant’s inability to successfully defend his/her dissertation on time, the dissertation committee may grant one extra year of studies for completion of the dissertation and the defense. In this case, an additional fee of 8,000 euros/year will apply.

* The tuition fee will cover lectures, faculty supervision, lunches for all the workshops, access to digital library and e-learning resources, and lifetime membership to emlyon business school alumni network, excl. air tickets, accommodation, and travelling occurred to attend the workshops.

*Program reserves the rights to adjust the tuition if needed.

Application Procedures

  1. Submit online pre-application form
  2. Pass the pre-selection, and submit a complete application dossier as listed
  3. Invite qualified applicants to sit in Admission Interview
  4. Applicants Attend the Interview
  5. Evaluate the overall qualifications, the emlyon Global DBA admission committee will grant conditional offers to qualified applicants
  6. Admitted participants finish the enrollment procedures