Report Released | Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2019-08-23

emlyon business school,  jointly with HRflag, a leading think tank of HR in China, recently released a world's first large-scale research report on HR science and technology titled Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020. The epic report will systematically introduce the future trends and the disruptive impact of science and technology as relevant to the field of global HR management, aiming to provide cutting-edge insights and direction guidance to better empower successful HR management transformations for global enterprises.


emlyon business school & HRflag

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August 16, 2019

The development of science & technology has completely changed every individual and organization. HR management is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and radical disruption. New economies such as the sharing economy, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as new technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain are transforming the business environment and models at an unparalleled rate, and are tremendously impacting the traditional way of corporate management. New technologies are enabling changes and the metabolism of the business world in the form of flame-

assisted, resulting in the demise of many old business forms and the emergence of new ones.

At the watershed moment of the industrial era and the digital era, technology storms are continuously impacting the traditional HR management practices and the global HR services industry. Based on a large amount of interviews and survey research, Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020 were conducted to provide in-depth strategic advice and insights on the top 10 scientific and technological trends in HR areas including:

1. Workplace-IoT

The tremendous changes to workplace effectiveness led by the intelligence and full connectivity of smart workplace devices

2.Predictive Analysis and Automated Decision Making:

The technology reshaping the decision-making approach of HR management

3.Immersive Experience:

The new models and leap in effectiveness in employee training and learning

4.Emotion Recognition and Computing:

Machine learning and the "empathy" to human perceptions

5. Internal Social Networking and Collaborative Hub:

Enabling more efficient, transparent and convenient communication and collaboration among employees within the enterpris

6. Unmanned HR Shared Services Center:

The automation and intelligence of HR shared services centers

7. Conversation Platform and The Chatbot):

The digital incarnation to answer queries from candidates and employees

8.Machine Workforce:

The transformation raised by machinery workforce to the liberation of humanity

9. Wide Application of Behavior Design:

The peak moment of employee experience and its irreplaceable joyfulness

10.Digital Ethics and Morality:

The ethical and moral boundaries of science and technology development

Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020 not only provides a detailed interpretation of the above 10 HR science and technology trends, but also reveals the research findings to the Survey of HR Technology Products and Brand Cognition, one of the largest online HR management research world-wide.

An amount of 270,149 emails and 89,289 SMS messages were sent out by the research team to HR management respondents during the 2-week data collection period of July 15th to 28th 2019. A total of 10,846 valid responses were collected with all fields of the survey fully completed as well as contact info that all the respondents voluntarily provided. Based on the survey results, the report has also released the Top 50 HR Technology Companies in China Market, setting a new benchmark and reference index for the HR technology industry.

The research team aims to help the HR management professionals and HR service entrepreneurs across the globe to gain better insights and preparation to the cutting-edge science and technologies as well as the most distinct future trends through the research and ranking report. The ultimate goal is to help organizations gain better competitiveness in building their globally competitive HR management system that better fit into the complex and volatile market environment.

Click to download the report: Global HR Science & Technology Trends 2020