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Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2019-11-22

As a school with the mission of cultivating “early makers” for the world, emlyon business school has always paid great attention to the changes and iteration of innovative ideas. It also expects to extend the scenes based on its own in-depth researches on the era, market and business inside and outside the classroom, making learning a lifelong undertaking. For this reason, emlyon business school Asia has specially launched for alumni the Lifelong Learning program which aims to share the latest learning information, organizes various forums and courses, and provides opportunities and platforms to expand knowledge and exchange experience. As the first alumna to attend emlyon auditor class for alumni, Serena Ling felt a lot about this experience. Let's listen to her personal experience!

Serena Ling
Programme in General Management, 2013

I graduated four years ago and have been working in the startup company of sports industry for three years. The knowledge I acquired during MBA and PGM courses can no longer directly answer the practical questions confronting a startup. It is now my strong belief that we need a further understanding of the industry and more exchanges with peers. When I heard that emlyon Asia launched the lifelong learning program, I immediately applied for auditor class of the emlyon-Vning EDP Program for Global Sports and Recreation Industry Leaders.

I am so lucky that my application was approved. Even luckier is that the teacher that day, who taught the course of Strategy and Business Model of Sports Companies, was my idol---Professor William Hua WANG, dean of emlyon Asia. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to emlyon business school for their wonderful arrangements. Thank you for accepting me as the first alumna to attend emlyon auditor class for alumni.

▲  Prof. William Hua Wang, Associate Dean of emlyon and Dean of emlyon Asia, delivered a lecture

Unlike MBA and PGM programs, the course that day was conducted in teams. Professor Wang combed the theories first and students followed with their own case studies. They shared and discussed about the difficulties they met in business operation, which were commented on by the professor, who offered more interesting cases. The class was lively even if the teaching content was not easy. We longed for more. Nearly 20 students in the upstream and downstream of sport business got to know one other, and expanded their knowledge, thinking and networking.

What impressed me particularly is Mr. Han Wei, the founder and CEO of Lefit, who shared with us what he was thinking during the early stage of his company. At the very beginning, he set up the super-organic goals and principles, like vision, mission and values and put them in place in a solid way.

The case of Volvo shared by Professor Wang also taught us that the employees can object to the decision of management if such decision goes against the value of the company. This case shows the importance of unifying corporate values. Looking back at the problems many companies have encountered, we realize that the unified acceptance of a company’s vision, mission and values can improve the efficiency of decision and execution. Intra-company frictions will be reduced by a large margin when all the staff tend to agree on the same goals.

When I sat on the campus of emlyon business school Asia, which was equipped with advanced facilities, I felt like meeting old friends after a long separation. I learned a lot in the auditor class,and then shared what I felt with my colleagues on Monday and talked about what I think in class with my friends.

▲  Serena Ling's photos

It is really a rare chance to audit the class. The lifelong learning program helped me to think among the busy work. After so many years after graduation, I am thankful for such an opportunity. I am looking forward to more such programs that are open to alumni. early makers of emlyon, don’t miss the opportunities of studying again.