What's behind IQ, Memory & Sleep?

Source:法国里昂商学院 Date:2020-01-18

On the afternoon of January 12, 2020, emlyon Parenting & Kids Club kicked off its first off-line event, a transboundary sharing session by Doctor Li Chanxia. The event was different from others in the past thanks to the participation of lovely kids, the “second generation” of emlyon alumni. Both an intellectual and physical inquiry, the afternoon gathering turned out be happy French moments.

In her welcome speech to all the alumni and their children at the beginning of the event, Ms. Jessica Li, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager of emlyon business school Asia, said, “emlyon Parenting & Kids Club takes the mission of sharing and growing with kids. We thank our alumni for their dedication in launching this activity. I hope the club is a spontaneous organization, where everyone can initiate and participate in the event. In the future, emlyon Asia will launch alumni clubs with different themes and activities, which can strengthen the networking among students, alumni and emlyon business school, and fully support alumni’s individual, social, professional and career development at all stages of their lives.”

As the host of the gathering, Dong Yan, one of the sponsors of the emlyon Parenting & Kids Club, introduced the other founding members. According to Dong Yan, the club would organize a series of interesting and wonderful parenting and parent-child activities in the future, which would provide a great platform for parents to grow up together with their children, and would make it possible for them to interact well with their “second generation” after class.

Transboundary Sharing Session by Doctor Li Chanxia — IQ, Sleep & Memory

emlyon Parenting & Kids Club was very honored to have invited Dr. Li Chanxia, who earned his Ph.D. from Yokohama City University, to share his insights with emlyon alumni at its debut.

In his sharing, Dr. Li, as a leading expert in the field of intelligence research, expounded on the relationship between IQ, brain development, sleep and memory in simple language with practical operative methods for all to learn. In addition to his explanation on the different stages of sleep, Dr. Li also told his audience what the brains of children under and over three years of age would do in deep and light sleep respectively.  Dr. Li also gave information about the duration of sleep promoted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and suggested that parent let their children sleep well and sufficiently. Due to the individual differences among children, Dr Li also taught the audience some practical ways to test the time of sleep that their children need, and how to help their children "adjust their jet lag" to coordinate their schedules at home and school.

The following Q&A session was followed by high-quality questions. For example, when should Children sleep by their own? What should parents do if their kid like to feel others’ neck when falling asleep? How to stop their children from sucking fingers? Some alumni also asked questions about the sleep of adults, such as whether it was reasonable to stay up late and whether it was possible to sleep with an eye patch. Dr. Li gave professional and satisfactory answer one by one.

DIY King Cake, a Joyful Moment for Parents and Kids

Epiphany, also known as the Three Kings’ Day, is a typical festival in France, where people share king cake with their family and friends as a blessing for the new year. Hidden in the cake is a small crown, which, if eaten by someone, would make him the lucky guy of the year and the king of the day.

The delicious king cake remains a fresh memory of alumni’s life and study in France. Led by professional bakers from Campanile Hotel, the kids burst out great interest in making their own king cake by hand. After forty minutes of preparing and baking, the crispy and delicious king cakes were presented to all, drawing a joyful and successful conclusion of the first offline event of emlyon Parenting & Kids Club.