Huawei Goes Global Academic Forum


Along with China’s growth into one of the world’s largest exporters over the past few years, Huawei, a Chinese company which is symbolic of globalization in its three decades of growth, has also aroused great admiration worldwide. Like the dazzling array of Chinese scholars who have studied Huawei to provide valuable reference for the country’s going global, CGA is an organization that has also been committed to the research on the globalization of Chinese economy and enterprises. Likewise, emlyon business school, which currently has six international campuses, has promoted globalization by setting it as a major development strategy and integrating the concept of globalization into the school’s curriculum design, the cultivation of students and alumni, research and development and so on.

CGA and emlyon business school are co-hosting the upcoming Huawei Goes Global Academic Forum, specially inviting Donald (Andy) Purdy, Jr., Huawei’s technological lead, and global scholars to pool their insights on Huawei’s globalization. Previously in China Goes Global Conference held in August, CGA and emlyon business school had invited Mr. Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group and Madam Qiao Jian, Lenovo’s SVP, CSO and CMO, to share their experience in globalization.