Focus on World-leading Intelligent Business Operation and Development


emlyon business school Global Intelligent Business Forum | China Digital Annual Conference 2020

Digitization has expanded the boundary of economy and finance, reshaped business and financial management models, and given rise to new platform paradigms. The "nuclear fusion" of the intelligent technology clusters has pushed the interconnection of all things into the era of intelligence of all things, catalyzing the arrival of a new business era featuring "intelligence +". In order to explore the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises as well as new intelligent business models so to develop the ability to serve the personalized needs of mass users in real time at low cost, we have invited famous scholars, industry experts and corporate executives to share their experiences and solutions.

About the Forum

Title: emlyon business school Global Intelligent Business Forum | China Digital Annual Conference 2020

Theme: Focus on world-leading intelligent business operations and development

Time: December 12, 2020 (Saturday) Afternoon

Form: Webinar

Size: 70,000 people + (online)


Head, Artificial Intelligence in Management Institute

Director, Business Intelligence Center

emlyon business school


  • Report release and interpretation-"Top 100 Smart Manufacturers in China "
  • How traditional manufacturing enterprises transform to intelligent manufacturing
  • Cloud market and the expansion of Manufacturing enterprises’ ecosystem
  • Digital leadership model
  • Frontier concepts, technologies and trends of big data
  • The Industrialization of Basic Software of Big Data
  • Internet of Things and Intelligent Information System
  • Digital transformation and practice of chemical enterprises based on the Industrial Internet
  • Data-driven urban governance
  • The road to digital transformation of financial systems
  • Ingenuity, serving the digital transformation of enterprises