Corporate Mentorship Program Officially Launched


emlyon business school and VHR signed the strategic cooperation agreement on May 15th, 2020, represented the “Corporate Mentor Program” officially launched. Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, Owen QIAN, Chairman of VHR, mentor representatives, current students, and alumni representatives attended the strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

The “Corporate Mentor Program” of emlyon business school is developed from its philosophy of fostering early makers and made possible with the quality mentor pool of VHR. The Program aims to help both undergraduate and graduate students learn to grow and excel in business-like settings. Through meticulous selection and communication, about two dozen prominent HR executives from VHR were appointed as the first corporate mentors for the Program. By providing a platform for learning and experiencing in real business scenarios with mentors from leading corporations, it commits to facilitate students to appreciate the future development of different industries, to share successful experiences, and to extend their networks. By working closely with these corporate mentors and their companies or industries, and in the spirit of value co-creation, emlyon business school is to forge all-round cooperation with VHR in training talent, developing case studies, and probing into other areas of education.

In his address, Professor William WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, stated that with the strategic cooperation, students from emlyon business school could be mentored by executive-level business leaders and greatly accelerate their professional careers. By working with dynamic young talents, mentors, in turn, get the chance to grow farther. While contributing to the community, they will also draw inspiration for themselves. The strategic cooperation between emlyon business school and VHR will be a new chapter for the Corporate Mentor Program.

In his speech, Mr. Owen QIAN, Chairman of VHR, said, “I would like to first thank emlyon business school for trusting us. We have committed to establishing a forward-thinking HR platform over the years. It’s our firm conviction that this cooperation will undoubtedly open a new chapter in talent training, students’ career mentoring, and case studies development for business education!”

At the ceremony, Professor William WANG unaffectedly presented the letters of appointment to the first mentor representatives from VHR, who in turn expressed their good wishes for the strategic cooperation.

Mentor Notes

Helena YANG
General Manager of Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank

Wish all young talents - the next generation leaders will be very, very success and other will encourage all of you embrace future act the change and be perseverance, good luck.

Serena PING
Director of Human Resources, Hilti China

Let’s work together, go together, to be better me.

Maggie SHAO
Founder of EliteTalent
Founding Partner of STORYWAY

Congratulations!Let’s think out of box, and act out of comfort zone.

Vicky YANG
CEO, Shanghai Vonehope Enterprises Advisory Co.,Ltd
Former HR Director of Asia Pacific, Arizona Chemical

Winning is not everything, it’s the only way to be the best of you.

The ensuing panel discussion was presided by Professor Yuan JIANG (Adjunct Professor, emlyon business school). Weiwei TANG (Founder and CEO of ZAOJIU), Helena YANG (General Manager of Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank), Serena PING (Director of Human Resources, Hilti China), and Maggie SHAO (Founder of EliteTalent, Founding Partner of STORYWAY) participated in the discussion. Revolved around the theme of “Career Planning and Development for Future Talent”, guests brainstormed to address hot topics like technological changes, career diversification and development.

Finally, the mentors met with representatives of current Global BBA students and alumni from emlyon business school. Through in-depth interactions, they provided valuable insights for the students who were on the lookout in their careers. With that, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation and the “Career Planning and Development for Future Talent" panel discussion came to a successful conclusion.

Students and Alumni Notes

Jing ZOU
emlyon business school Grande École 2015, Capital Trader of CA CIB (China)

This corporate mentor program between emlyon business school and VHR can help juniors to find opportunity in future and can change the chance in the future.

Yicheng DAI
emlyon business school Global BBA 2018

emlyon business school introduces the corporate mentor program, and the technical backbones of enterprises come to the school to help students in person, teach their work experience and work skills to students, spread the enterprise culture to students, shorten the distance between enterprises and students, and improve students understanding of enterprises and mastery of professional skills.

Yiran XU
emlyon business school Global BBA 2018

I think the corporate mentor program is of great significance for international students in the early stage of their career. Because fresh graduates in the first entry into the workplace, will encounter a variety of problems. Corporate mentor program can largely avoid or even solve the problems faced by new graduates.