Cooperation procedure between company and school

  1. Company fills in an ICP form which will describe the project content, scope, and the results expected from the students, and sends it back to emlyon business school Asian Campus. It will also appoint a company supervisor for the project.
  2. emlyon business school board will evaluate the feasibility of the project, after which they may approve the project, provide feedback to the company with a view to introducing modifications into the project brief, or reject the project if it does not correspond to the fundamental principles and objectives.
  3. Company supervisor will meet the team and its corresponding emlyon business school academic tutor for the first time, discussing the project and kick it off.

Program application procedure for Chinese partner university students’:

* Chinese partner university students may choose to participate in the full ACS program (core course + elective courses + ICP), or simply ICP.

Competency needed:

  • Chinese students enrolled in a Master’s program. (Undergraduate Students who are in their fourth year will also be taken into consideration.)
  • Majored in the fields of Social Sciences or Management or in related fields (e.g. Law, Economics, Finance, Project Management, International Trade, Tourism Management, Information Science, etc.)
  • Good written and oral skills in English, be able to communicate with international students.
  • Take their studies and their future seriously, make sure the following up of program from the beginning to the end.

Application steps:

Send your application form to:
Wait for interview (in person / through video call)