emlyon-Vning Global Sports and Recreation EDP aims at functionality and practicality and covers every node of the recreational industry chain, consisting of twenty key topics, ranging from industry, economy, organization, business, company, strategy, marketing, management, market, products, cultural, sports and entertainment IP, events, statdiums, human resources, technology, consumption, law, agent, investment, financing and Internet+.

Module 1

Global Sports and Recreational Industry

Key topics: Industry evolution, business model, content industry, media rights in China, studies on leading recreational businesses.

Module 2

Strategy & Business Model Innovation

Key topics: Business model and strategy, evolution of recreational companies in US, Europe and China, profitability and commercialiazation path

Module 3

Sports Market Management

Key topics: Marketing, sponsorship, ticketing, market research, consumer psychology.

Module 4

Organizational Behavior, Human Resources & Leadership

Key topics: Development and management of international sports organizations, organizational innovation and change managenment, human resources management and leadership

Module 5

Merchandise & Statdium Management

Key topics: Facility development and innovation, merchandise and best-seller ideas, consumption and operational management of statdium.

Module 6

Industry Upgrade: Internet+ Recreation

Key topics: Internet+ and big data, big consumption: cultural and sports tourism and sports, recreational real estate.

Module 7

IP Value & Event Management

Key topics: Operation and management of events

Value creation of super IPs: Olympics, World Cup, NBA

Pro sports IPs: Football, basketball, boxing

Mass sports lPs: Running, cycling, fitness

Cultural and entertainment IPs: Movie, online variety, reality show, live performance, new consumption scenarios

Module 8:

Agent & Compliance

Key topics: International agent, laws and regulations.

Module 9

Investment, Financing & IPO

Key topics: Investment and financing practices, stock incentives, IPO guidelines.

Module 10

Study Tour in Europe

Key topics: Overseas module at emlyon business school in France, visits and research on recreational industry in France and in Europe.