How to master the wisdom to become scholarly business leaders?

Four Seasons Hotel, No. 500, Weihai Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai

There are such a group of executives who are in the post peak era of their career, no longer focus on annual salary and position, but strive to achieve social value and hope to succeed in transformation. This requires them to have the ability of knowledge processing and creation as well as the ability of knowledge dissemination. These abilities can be systematically learned through DBA program, so as to gain the structured thinking of combining theory and practice, as well as the education methodology of more efficient knowledge dissemination. The DBA cultivating mode of emlyon business school can truly realize the dual empowerment, so as to achieve the transformation goal.

On Jan 5th,2020 ,Prof. William WANG hua, associate dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, French Dean of Asia Europe business school, Prof. Junsong CHEN, Assistant Dean of emlyon business school Asian Campus & Director of emlyon Global DBA Asia Track will give a sharing at Shanghai. They will share us the value of the existence of scholarly business leaders, how emlyon Global DBA Program has been continuously optimized and upgraded and what leads to its refined program design of 2020 intake. All these topics can lead you to create real business impact and value, and become scholarly business leaders.

emlyon Global DBA Asia Track   Info session in Shanghai

Who to attend: Founders, Presidents, Board Members, General Managers, Vice Presidents or CXO, etc.(with a master degree)

Date and Time: January 5th,2020(Sunday)13:30-16:00

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, No. 500, Weihai Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai

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* This is a closed door meeting up to 25 seats. Please attend with the confirmation from the organizer.


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Speaker Sharing

emlyon Global DBA Program Introduction


Guest Speaker

Prof. William Hua WANG

Professor of Innovation Management

Associate Dean of emlyon business school

Dean of emlyon business school Asia

French Dean of Asia Europe Business School

DBA Advisor at emlyon business school

Prof. Junsong CHEN

CHEN Junsong

Professor of Marketing

Assistant Dean, emlyon business school Asia

Director, Global DBA Asia Track

Academic Director of Executive Education

DBA Advisor at emlyon business school

Mr. Guoxin QIAN

emlyon Global DBA 2019 Intake

Co-founder/President of VHR

Distinguished lecturer of Fudan university

MBA tutor of East China normal university and Shanghai international studies university

Industrial Advisor of Shanghai university of finance and economics, zhejiang university of science and technology enterprise tutor