How to reconstruct the potential of senior leaders?


An internal crisis is an opportunity to correct a mistake, while an external crisis is an opportunity to push the boundaries.

Due to the current situation, enterprises are facing a fiercer environment of competition with greater uncertainties. The uncertainty of the external environment means that the pace of change is much faster than ever, so is that of organizations in the new environment. More intense competition brings up higher requirements for the productivity of the organizations.

When there is still a lot of room in the market, the organization and the people in the organization are the core. Executives are thinking more and more about the issues of business growth and transformation in terms of culture and people.

In the face of enormous changes, in addition to growth, more and more outstanding executives have also begun to "introspect", that is, to deeply reflect on themselves. Standing at the peak of their career journey, they are exploring the driving force that stimulates internal development again and the potential of reshaping their future career roadmap.

Given the current crisis, how can global leaders lead the organizations to weather the storm? How to quickly optimize the organizational structure design limited human resources? How to stimulate self-driving force and reconstruct the potential? And how to explore a new realm of life outside of the busy career and prepare for winning the second stage?

On March 28th, 2020 , emlyon business school, a global elite institution, sincerely invites senior executives and business leaders who are willing to challenge the times and continue to grow to participate in the Online information session hosted by emlyon Global DBA(Aisa Track) Program.

This event will definitely inspire corporate executives who are interested in sitting in a DBA program and deeply investigate the tremendous value generated by the combination of organizational management research in the "new era" and global operational strategic capabilities. It is designed to encourage people to start from their own industries and enriched industry practices, to summarize and sublimate new theories and to eventually become new scientist-practitioners.

Key words

  1. In the context of great changes; organizational structure and design; management research and practices of emerging networked and platform-based organizations
  2. Business executives; career peak planning
  3. Reshaping the potential of business executives; exploring new realms of life
  4. How to achieve these goals?

emlyon business school

Global DBA Program (Asia Track)

Online Information Session

Who to attend

Presidents, chairmen, general managers,

Startup founders and other executives


Welcome and Introduction to emlyon business school

Prof. Chen Junsong


Speech: Organizational Design, Leadership and Management Studies in the "New Era"

Prof. Jiang Yuan


Speech: "Outstanding Mediocrity" and Reshaping of Professional Values

Mr. Yu Wentao


Speech: Three Keys Help Business Executives Win the 2nd Half of Life

Mr. James NG


Introduction to emlyon Global DBA Program

Prof. Chen Junsong



Prof. CHEN Junsong
Professor of Marketing

Assistant Dean, emlyon business school Asia

Director, Global DBA Asia Track

Academic Director of Executive Education

DBA Advisor at emlyon business school

Dr. Junsong Chen is Professor of Marketing in emlyon business school, Assistant Dean of emlyon Asia campus, and Director of Global DBA Program (Asia Track). Prior to joining emlyon, Dr. Chen has worked as the Marketing Faculty of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) for ten years. He has lectured on Consumer Behaviour, Customer Experience Management, Chinese Consumers for more than 20 MBA and EMBA programs from CEIBS, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Rice University (US), Mannheim Business School (Germany), ESADE Business School (Spain) etc. He has also provided consultancy and training for more than 70 international and listed companies in China.

Dr. Chen has received many rewards granted by China Natural Science Foundation, State Education Ministry of China, Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of Universities of the United Kingdom, etc. His work has been published in leading international journals, including International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of World Business etc. He is the author of the book - Marketing Management in Asia, and has 15 cases published in Europe Case Clearing House (ECCH). Dr. Chen is the column-writer of some leading Chinese business website and magazines, including Sina Finance, and Harvard Business Review (Chinese). He has been often invited by the media like BBC, CCTV, Economist, to comment on China market dynamic and consumption trend.

Prof. JIANG Yuan

Professor of Organization and Human Resources

International Faculty Fellow at MIT(Sloan)

DBA Advisor at emlyon business school

Dr. Yuan Jiang, is Visiting Professor of Organization and Human Resources, and DBA Advisor at emlyon Business School. Previously, Dr. Jiang has been the faculty at the Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Indiana University-Purdue University, and Lingnan College at Sun Yat-Sen University. He was also an International Faculty Fellow at MIT (2002). He received his PhD in Industrial Relations and Human Resources from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). His primary research interests include leading and managing collaboration, knowledge work, diversity, innovation, and human resource management in global and Chinese indigenous contexts. He has received multiple large-scale funding from national science and social science foundations, and has published in major peer-reviewed journal such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, etc.

Dr. Jiang’s work has won International Human Resource Management Scholarly Research Award, Best Paper Award, and Outstanding Reviewer from the Academy of Management. In addition to his research, Dr. Jiang has been recognized for his teaching in MBA, DBA, and MIB programs and earned University Candle Light Teaching Award (2015). Dr. Jiang provides various training workshops and consulting services to Chinese organizations on management, teamwork, and leadership.

Mr. James NG

emlyon Global DBA 2017 intake

Former Managing partner, Cornerstone International Group

Former Managing Partner of Cornerstone International Group, with CPI Professional Coach Certification and 10 years of experience in professional coaching in the United States, ranging from guiding college graduates to prepare for the commencement of their career journeys, to coaching MBA graduates and senior executives at their peak in terms of work and life changes. Mr. Wu has served as CEO of a Fortune 500 company in China and Director and senior executive of a listed company in Asia Pacific. He is often invited by the American Chamber of Commerce and leading business schools to share his insights on career development and transformation.
Mr. Jason YU

emlyon Gloabl DBA 2019 intake

Human Resources Director

Roquette China

Mr. Yu Wentao boasts many years of practical experience in human resources strategy, organizational change, organizational development and talent development. He has served a number of multinationals, including DuPont China, Unilever China and 3M China, and has successively acted as Recruitment Manager in Asia, HRBP in the Asian Division and Training Manager in China. Mr. Yu is not only a veteran practitioner, manager and leader in the domain of human resources, but also a tireless researcher with academic ideals and pragmatic spirit.

This event might be different from any and all the live streaming you have ever participated in, because it will be the first time you have been completely immersed in sheer brainstorming and an great opportunity of easy and focused reflection to share your own driving force for career development! Don't miss it, we are waiting for you in the live channel!

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