1. How many ECTS students may get for Asian Campus Semester?

For PGE students, students of A2/A3 should valid 20-30 ECTS, students of A4/A5 should valid 22.5-32.5 ECTS. ETD students should valid 25 ECTS. For other programs, the rule of ECTS is decided by student’s home program.

2.How can students get local information of shanghai?

Asian campus will send students an info’pack which contains the useful information on the program, traffic, campus, accommodation, medical service etc. Asian campus will also provide students local life guidance in semester orientation week to support students in adapting local life.

3. What kind of visa should students apply for Asian campus semester?

All students should apply for an X2 visa for the study period here in Shanghai, which is the normal visa for a study period of less than 6 months.

4. Can students leave china during Asian campus semester?

If students prefer to leave china and come back during Asian campus semester, they may ask for another X2 visa, with which they may exit and entry china again and have a 30-60 days staying in china. Asian campus will help in preparing necessary supporting documents for the second X2 visa, the interpretation right of second X2 visa will depend on the decision of exit and entry administration bureau of Shanghai.

5. Will there be any opportunity to mingle with students of different background?

There are students from different programs and nations in Asian campus. Asian campus aims to create an enriched campus life as well as cross-cultural experience for all the students and a lot of extracurricular activities were opened to all the programs including cultural integration activity, Mini expo, management conference, basketball match, 80s party etc.