Students from three schools (School of Business, School of Statistics and School of Public Administration) of East China Normal University must complete their courses in the first and second school years, equivalent to about 120 credits in Europe.

After arriving at emlyon, students from East China Normal University will be registered as the junior or senior students of the Global BBA.

  • Junior students: 60 credits (including fundamental courses, 5 months of internship or completion of designated in-company projects)
  • Senior students: 60 credits (including elective courses, 6 months of internship and thesis).

Year 3

  • Sustainable Innovation Management
  • operation management
  • Strategy and change management
  • Brand management
  • Business model
  • Graduate thesis

Year 4 (A specialization of your choice)

Saint-Etienne Campus:

  • Branding and Marketing Management
  • Creative Technologist
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • The making of management

Paris Campus:

  • Marketing in Luxury Industries
  • Marketing in Sports

Shanghai Campus:

  • Doing Business in Asia

Casablanca Campus:

  • Doing: Business in Africa