An international ambitionLive the worldOur international presence attracts the best students in the world. emlyon business school has chosen globalization as a key development growth through opening a campus in Asia as well as setting up specific programs in each georgraphical area.

The strategic plan “Confluences 2025” marks a new turning point in the expansion of our international footprint.

Already established in Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Paris, Shanghai and Bhubaneswar, emlyon opened its sixth campus in Mumbai in 2021, becoming the first French business school in India's economic capital. The school also plans to expand in Latin America in the coming years.

In addition, 200 international academic partnerships in 50 countries will enable nearly 2,000 emlyon students to study in institutions of excellence abroad (on emlyon campuses or in partner institutions).

The School is investing €17 Million over 3 years, to reinforce its digital asset thereby increasing its international outreach by offering programs and a remote pedagogical environment of high-quality. emlyon is also setting up a special department dedicated to fundraising and coordinating the alumni network, called «Advancement & Alumni Relations», in order to create new synergies with companies and within the school's community of 41,700 alumni, a quarter of whom are located outside our borders in 130 countries. The actions of 250 alumni, «ambassadors» of the school, already regularly promote the school's influence around the world.

Thanks to our campuses and partners, our students and Faculty members fully enjoy an international networking experience.


Shanghai Campus

Shanghai campus is currently offering study abroad programs for bachelor and master degrees, GDBA, GEMBA, MBA and bachelor degree programs, as well as EDP programs.

Mumbai Campus

emlyon business school has its own working space, within the St Xavier's College Indo-Gothic campus, classified as a historic monument and located in the city center of Mumbai.

Lyon-Ecully Campus

Situated in the heart of a six-hectare property just 25 minutes from Lyon's city center, the campus houses over 30,000 m² of modern, connected buildings.

Bhubaneswar Campus

Xavier Emlyon Business School (XEBS), as it has been named, is currently offering short-term online certificate programs and a dual degree program in sports industry management.

Saint-Etienne Campus

Ideally located within a 15-min walk from the city center and spread over more than 8,000m², the campus combines the charm of a listed industrial building, and classrooms equipped with the latest technology.

Paris Campus

A 5,500 m2 learning environment, just a 5-minute walk from the Gare de Lyon train station, fully equipped with the latest digital technologies and closely linked to the business world.