Start creating value for your company

The MSc in International Marketing & Business Development will provide you with solid academic knowledge and hands-on skills and enable you to work anywhere in the world, in all kinds of industries, all sorts of companies and a wide variety of jobs. If marketing lies at the heart of the company, sales and purchasing are frontier agents that enable businesses to expand and thrive.

Benefit from true international exposure

Master the fundamentals and more specific skills related to marketing and business development. During the entire program, get a better understanding of international affairs, interact with global citizens, then finally get a specific focus on South-East Asia from one of its most bustling cities.

Meet the real needs of recruiters

emlyon business school has always worked closely with the business community in order to provide students with quality internship and job offers, as well as privileged contact with partner companies. Our constant contacts and exchange with experienced professionals guarantee that the knowledge acquired in the program will be actionable in practice.