The 4-year emlyon business school Global DBA Asia Track is composed of two phases. The first phase lasts for 18 months, during which students are engaged in studying and completing 8 research modules, with their research topics and plans in mind. The second stage lasts for 30 months, during which students will finish the preparation of their doctoral theses under the one-on-one guidance of their supervisors and pass the defense before being awarded the doctorate degree in business administration from emlyon business school.


Committed to helping DBA candidates achieve their career transformation and build their personal brands, the Certified B-School Lecturer Program (CBL) was launched by emlyon business school. As a module in parallel with research modules, it aims to create empowered leadership and facilitate executives to realize their teaching dreams, convey and share their precious business wisdom and insights over the years and also reach the new height of life.By integrating the theories of adult learning, communications, human resources, organizational development and leadership with digital teaching and action learning methodologies, based on ADDIE model, CBL is designed to create a complete closed loop of learning comprised of five steps, namely Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate, which also applies to the agile innovation project management of their organizations. By undergoing all five steps of ADDIE, it will help them achieve simultaneous improvement of both business results and personal capabilities.

Phase I
[ Workshop 1 ]  Opening Ceremony & Introduction to Management Research
[ CBL 1 ] Curriculum design and teaching methodology
[ Workshop 2 ]  Frontiers in Management and Bussiness Research
[ Workshop 3 ] Quantitative Research Method
[ CBL 2 ] Action learning and heuristic teaching
[ Workshop 4 ] Quantitative Research Method
[ Workshop 5 ] Mid-term Research Proposal Review
[ CBL 3 ] Effective communication and storytelling influence
[ Workshop 6 ] Literature Review and Academic Writing

[ Workshop 7 ] Mixed Research Method

[ CBL 4 ] Cultivate digital knowledge influeners

[ Workshop 8 ] Full Research Proposal Defense

Phase II
Year 3
Year 4

Research Progress: Pilot Research Report

Defense Seminar: Pilot Research Workshop Defense

Research Progress:

  • Submission Preliminary Draft of Dissertation
  • Submission of Final Dissertation

Defense Seminar:

  • Pre-defense of Dissertation
  • Final Defense of Dissertation

Milestones of Research Contributions

  • Initial Research Memo ( July, 2021 )
  • Research Proposal ( March, 2022 )
  • Literature Review ( August, 2022 )
  • Full Research Proposal ( December, 2022 )
  • Pilot Research Report ( November, 2023 )
  • Preliminary Draft of Dissertation ( October, 2024 )
  • Final Dissertation ( April, 2025 )