The GDBA study journey starts with Opening Ceremony and an orientation session. The second stage contains nine curriculum modules lasting for a total of 18 months. GDBA participants are required to bring their research topics and plans into the program, completing nine research modules as well as drafting a research proposal.

The third stage is to submit  a full research proposal, which lasts for 2 months. At the 20th month, the participants need to fully prepare for the defense of the research proposal.

The fourth stage is the mid-term report, which lasts for 20 months. In the 40th month, the participants will complete the writing of research results, literature review, and submission of their preliminary doctoral thesis.

The fifth stage is the thesis defense, during which the participants will participate in the defense seminar, pre-defense, and final defense, and submit the final doctoral thesis in the 46th month. They will graduate smoothly in the 48th month and be awarded a doctorate degree in business administration.

At the same time, the exclusive curriculum program CBL (Certified B-School Lecturer Program) of the emlyon business school is embedded in the DBA learning process as a minor course to help DBA students achieve career transformation and build personal IP. This is a teaching module that parallels research and curriculum modules, aiming to integrate business school resources and create a transformational leader and business school lecturer for participants. It is a new realm for aspiring participants to achieve their dream of becoming teachers, so that they can impart their valuable business experience over the years, enhance themselves in the process of teaching and learning, and take the next step towards lifelong learning.

The CBL project integrates adult learning theory, communication theory, human resource and organizational development, leadership, and incorporates digital teaching and action learning methodologies to create a complete learning loop based on the ADDIE model, including the five steps of (Analysis), (Design), (Develop), (Implement) and (Evaluate). This methodology is also applicable to each participant's agile innovation project management in their company, and through the complete experience of the ADDIE five steps, the company's performance and individual comprehensive ability are simultaneously improved.

The CBL course will be conducted in parallel with the first module of the DBA program. Upon completion of all courses and passing the final examination, students will receive a CBL certificate issued by the Asia campus of emlyon business school.

Phase 1(First month)

Opening Ceremony

Phase 2(Eighteenth month)

Curriculum Module



【Module 1】

Introduction to management research

Management trends and frontiers I

【Class 1】

Course structure design and case study

【Module 2】

Management trends and frontiers II&III

【Class 2】

Business case of Harvard Business School & The art of voice

【Module 3】

Management trends and frontiers IV&Ⅴ&VI

【Class 3】

Introduction to excellent presentation

【Module 4】

Literature review and academic writing: how to write preliminary research proposal

【Class 4】

Facilitating skills & methodology

【Module 5】

Qualitative research methods I

【Class 5】

Action learning

【Module 6】

Qualitative research methods II

Preliminary research proposal presentation & feedback

【Class 6】

Driving action learning

【Module 7】

Quantitative research methods I

【Class 7】

On coaching instructor

【Module 8】

Quantitative research methods II

【Class 8】

Digitalized knowledge output & delivery

【Module 9】

Mixed research methods

Phase 3(Twentieth month)

Research Proposal
  • Research proposal writing
  • Full research proposal defense

Phase 4(Fortieth month)

Proposal Report
  • Research results
Preliminary thesis submitting
Final thesis submitting

Phase 5(Forty-third month)

Viva Presentation
  • Pre-viva of doctoral thesis
  • Final viva of doctoral thesis

Phase 6(Forty-eighth month)

Graduation Ceremony