Located in downtown Shanghai with convenient transportation, emlyon business school Asia is the best choice for students and executive training participants thanks to its exceptional academic environment and well-equipped training facilities. Backed by the Asian Campus, emlyon business school has launched a series of programs and established partnership with multiple corporates since it entered China in 1997. emlyon business school Asia is committed to serving individuals and businesses in Asia, and offering future leaders and entrepreneurs a variety of training programs and learning opportunities. Our cooperative programs in Asia include:

  • Internship or job opportunities for students or alumni;
  • In-company projects;
  • Alumni activities and events in Asia;
  • Opportunity to serve as guest speakers of our workshops and forums, receive students, participants and alumni from Lyon, and have exchanges on specific topics;
  • Opportunity to cooperate with our world-famous experts and professors, and apply your business management practice as cases for teaching.

naked Group

In April 2017, emlyon business school signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the naked Group for cooperation in the following fields:

  • emlyon business school invites senior managers of the naked Group to share their professional experience with undergraduates, masters and executive training program participants of emlyon business school.
  • The naked Group offers students of emlyon business school in-company projects and internship opportunities.
  • Programmes for enterprise executives.

naked Group

Founded in 2007 by South African Grant Horsfield, the naked concept was conceived to communicate the philosophy of stripping away a hectic lifestyle and restoring balance through closeness to nature. naked began as a sustainable hotel company and has since grown into a complete healthy lifestyle brand. Starting with its first property, naked Home, and expanding to the award winning luxury eco resort, naked Stables. Today naked has an additional five resorts under development, plus multiple restaurant concepts, retail and yacht business.


XNode: accelerating the innovation of start-ups, entrepreneurs and corporates

In December 2018, emlyon business school signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation with XNode for cooperation in the following aspects:

  • Connect with ecosystem players (government, mentors, entrepreneurs, etc)
  • Insight on the local community
  • Co-branding activities / events
  • In-company projects and internship opportunities
  • Programmes for enterprise executives.


We help startups, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators build the next big thing.


National Business Daily

emlyon business school and National Business Daily officially launched the joint research project of "White Paper of Contributions by Chinese Enterprises in the Context of Belt and Road Initiative".

The project will summarize Chinese enterprises' contribution to global economic growth within the framework of Belt and Road Initiative and their experience in overseas operation. The White Paper will advocate the right international values and outlook on benefits, commend excellent enterprises, and many of its evaluation indicators are of great significance. emlyon business school and National Business Daily will work with CGA and serve as the most important platform for exchange and launch.

Shanghai Zhuoyue Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Zhihuishui.com)
An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between emlyon business school and Shanghai Zhuoyue Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Zhihuishui.com) in 2016. They established a collaboration in diverse fields (e.g. course development, talent development, corporate resources, learning hub partnership and etc.)
Shanghai neoBay Venture Capital Co., Ltd

Industry: Industrial Real Estate, Venture Capital, Business incubation services, Technological Transfer

Company Profile:

neoBay was co-founded by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Land Group and Minhang District Government. It is committed to establishing a scientific innovation cluster in South Shanghai. Through the resources in terms of talent and technology provided by Shanghai Jiaotong University, operation wise and capital allocation offered by Shanghai Land Group as well as the environmental construction and policy coordination, neoBay is devoted to the construction of the entire industry chain in favor of innovation and entrepreneurship. By optimizing the innovation environment and leveraging on the strength in accumulating technology, talents, information, platforms, and capital, neoBay provides the entrepreneurs with the ecosystem and the accelerator corresponding to the initial step of a startup, attracting and condensing domestic and oversea innovative talents and technologies.

Founded in: June 18th, 2015

Official Website: https://neobay.cn

Representative: Madam. FANG Jingjing

Headquarter (Country, City): Shanghai, China

Geographic Presence: Shanghai (China), Singapore, Vancouver (Canada), Seattle (USA)

Scope of Collaboration:

1) Co-incubation of the innovative projects,

2) Co-assessment of the projects,

3) Sharing of the resource, market & network,

4) Training of the students involved in innovation and entrepreneurship

5) Access to the Chinese Market for French Startups.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE: WH) headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA, is a trusted hotel franchisor and hotel management services provider with 20 hotel brands. The strong brand line covering the high-grade, mid-grade and economic hotels has always provided various choices and excellent value of services for travelers.

Scope of Collaboration: HR, ER, CSR, CI, Research and Consultation etc.

Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd.

Industry: Electric Equipment and Machinery

Company Profile: Sales revenue of Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd. in 2018 reached 27.42 billion yuan with a net profit of 3.76 billion yuan. The business scope covers research and development, production and sales of distribution appliances, terminal appliances, control appliances, power supply appliances and other low-voltage appliances, such as electronics products, instruments and meters, building electrical appliances and automatic control systems. Moreover, the company operates solar cells and modules, EPC project, power station development, construction, operation etc. The company was successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange on January 21, 2010. It is the first listed company in China with low-voltage electrical appliances as its main business and the largest private PV power station investment operator in China.

Founded in: August, 1997

Official Website: www.chint.net

Representative: Nan CunHui

Headquarter (Country, City): Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Geographic Presence: The Company runs business with more than 140 countries and regions, and has built nearly 30 subsidiaries covering countries like the United States, Mexico, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Peru, the United Arab Emirates, and 5 overseas manufacturing bases located in Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt and other places.Scope of Collaboration: Construction, Power, Lifting, HVAC and Communication industries.


Sigfox, based in Toulouse, is the global Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) IoT solution leader, by deploying a low-bandwidth dedicated network, already present in 60+ countries and Regions.

Scope of Collaboration: Digital transformation and LoT focused - joint talent training, joint projects (consulting + solution implementation + ecosystems), and innovation programs.

Shanghai Yicai Foundation

Shanghai Yicai Foundation is sponsored by Yicai Media Group, the largest cross-media and multi-region financial media group in China.

Yicai Foundation is committed to spread the concept of public welfare and to promote the cultural heritage conservation.

Scope of Collaboration: Public Welfare
Whytewoolf Fitness and Sports Development Co., Ltd.

Industry: Culture & Sports

Company Profile: Founded in 2005, Whytewoolf is one of the representative high-end fitness brands in China and also in Asia-Pacific region. Our professional service blend with top design concepts. Our Five-star quality facilities assured our member the best and the most safe exercise environment Notably, Combined our Group exercises classes with fashion-themed parties,and carry out cooperation with other famous brands in the industry. Build not only fitness diversified service collection brand. Building on the future, we are also working with the major universities by recruiting, hiring and training our interns .Provides of higher quality talents for our industry and society. Obedience to “professional, innovation, high-quality, and future ”,create a perfect urban space for fitness pursuers.

Founded in: 2005

Official Website: www.whytewoolf.com

Representative: Shen Qiang

Headquarter (Country, City): Beijing, China

Geographic Presence: China

Scope of Collaboration: Real estate industry、Higher education institutions、Catering industry、Sports gear industry、Luxury goods industry

ROQUETTE Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Industry: Food Industry

Company Profile: Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal proteins. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the Group addresses current and future societal challengers by unlocking the potential of Nature to offer the best ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets. Each of these ingredients responds to unique and essential needs, and they enable healthier lifestyles.

Thanks to a constant drive for Innovation and long-term vision. The group is committed to improving the well-being of millions of people all over the world while taking care of resources and territories,

Roquette currently operates in over 100 countries has a turnover of around 3.5 billion euros and employs 8600 people worldwide

Founded in: 2005

Official Website: www.roquette.com

Representative: Edouard ROQUETTE

Headquarter (Country, City): France, Lestrem

Geographic Presence: Operates in over 100 countries in Asia and Europe

Scope of Collaboration: Talents Development & Recruitment, ICP, Training, Research & etc. 

In Company Consulting Project

emlyon business school established its Asian Campus in Shanghai in 2007 and launched a 14-week semester for emlyon business school master’s students. Operated by the emlyon business school Asian Campus programs office, this semester is fully integrated into the Master’s programs offered on European Campus in Lyon, France. It brings together Master’s students from emlyon business school, from ECNU, our partner university in Shanghai, and from other partner institutions, for a full multi-cultural experience in China.

Each year, around 600 Masters’ students will pursue management studies here in Shanghai, either during the Summer (from April to July) or the Fall semester (from September to December). The students come from different programs, especially during the Summer semester: MSc in Management (Grande Ecole Program), MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, MSc in Sport Industry Management, MSc in International Hospitality Management, MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science, etc.

On the Asian Campus, the semester provides students with relevant courses and an opportunity to experience and understand essential aspects of the Chinese / Asian business environment, particularly in the form of the In-company Consulting Project (ICP).

Types of Project

Many types of issues can be covered in the framework of the ICP:

  • A marketing plan for a new line of products
  • A communication or positioning strategy
  • A competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Reorientation of HR and remuneration policies
  • Internal performance improvement research etc.

For more information: http://en.em-lyon.com.cn/program/consulting

Market research

On June 24, 2015, Asia Europe Business School, jointly founded by East China Normal University and emlyon business school, was formally established. This school is set up by East China Normal University, emlyon business school, Shanghai Minhang District People's Government and Shanghai Zizhu High-tech Zone (Group) Co. Ltd., and is subordinate to the Department of Economics and Management of East China Normal University. The establishment of Asia Europe Business School is the fruit of nine-year in-depth strategic cooperation between East China Normal University and emlyon business school, marking another leapfrog development of cooperation between the two universities.

With the mission of cultivating “the Belt and Road” entrepreneurs and cross-border talents, Asia Europe Business School is committed to training students to be cross-border business talents with profound humanistic heritage and social responsibility. Students of Asia Europe Business School have the opportunities to interact with companies when they are admitted into the school: to complete market research for companies.

Through these research projects, companies will be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of consumer behaviors
  • Adjust their business portfolio and services in a manner that would better cater to the needs of customers and users
  • Make better decisions
  • Risk control management
  • Understand what lies behind the failure of a product or service

Items that companies can deliver include:

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Brand image survey
  • Audience survey
  • Public opinion poll
  • Market Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Mystery customer survey
  • New product test

The market research is conducted by a group of five freshmen from Asia Europe Business School in the first semester of the freshman year (September to January of the next year). Apart from the market research, these students shall also attend regular courses.

Companies in cooperation with us include:

F-ERA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Jumo Group, Maja Trade & Commerce (Shanghai) Ltd, St Doré, Wine Macross Trading Co. Ltd, GSE, Alliance Francaise Shanghai, ID Kids, JEMO Design…

Company Visits

Many companies have received our visiting students or corporate executives. For our international students and executives, the visits provide an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into Chinese market, as well as a specific industry, and production or service procedures in China. In turn, companies also communicate their missions and values to these visitors.

Companies which have received our visits include:

BioMerieux, PayPal, Firmenich, Fosun, Advention, CHINT, Scip Cita, Shangxia, Faurecia, Veolia, Apurta, Jin Feng Yellow Wine, Schneider …

Experience Sharing by Executives

emlyon business school has been committed to creating an excellent communication platform for students and the business communities. We regularly invite professional managers to share their experiences with our students or trainees of our Executive Education. As a result, our students and trainees are able to gain a better insight into various industries, enterprises and departments.

Executives can take this opportunity to promote their enterprise brands and add new experiences to their careers.


Aimed at serving the lifelong growth of professional managers, emlyon business school is committed to working with enterprises to cope with challenges in the market, in a bid to nurture professional leaders.

In addition to offering customized and open courses for companies, we also provide professional managers with GEMBA, DBA and short-term training.

Executive Education in Asia


emlyon business school also offers a wide range of talents from young bachelor’s graduates to master's graduates, MBAs and alumni.

Companies can post recruitment information at icareers center of emlyon business school (http://recruitment.em-lyon.com). They can also participate in various student-oriented recruitment activities organized by us such as online and offline job fairs, and special job fairs for enterprises, in an attempt to recruit talents.