Prof. Dr. William H. Wang

Professor, DBA Advisor at emlyon business school
Associate Dean of emlyon business school
Dean of emlyon business school Asia
French Dean of Asia Europe Business School

Think Tank Member, 21st Century Business Herald  Steering Committee Member, Gerpisa
Post graduate degree in Applied Economics IREPD - University of Pierre Mendès France
Ph.D. in Applied Economics - IREPD Institute of Economic Research on Production and Development - University of Pierre Mendès France

Expertise: corporate strategy, business model innovation, innovation management, foreign direct investment (Chinese outward FDI, FDI in China), globalization strategy of Chinese companies, and the automotive industry in China, Management Economics etc.

Building a business school for the digitized, globalized age

emlyon business school is celebrating its 150 anniversary. Founded in 1872, emlyon business school has been one of the leading business schools in France and Europe ever since, and it is determined to become top business school in the age of globalization.

Shanghai campus works with the campuses in Lyon, Paris, Saint Etienne in France, and Mumbai campus, Bhubaneswar campus in India to implement our globalization strategy.

In the Internet age, we must work together to create a new business culture of openness, sharing and collaboration. We invite you to join hands with emlyon business school to create a lasting foundation for a better future.

Prof. Dr. William H. Wang

Dean, emlyon business school Asia

Associate Dean, emlyon business school