18 months to think and act as a strategist

Master strategy

Becoming a professional in the strategy field requires strong academic knowledge, an ability to learn quickly through practice, and a desire to continually adapt to transformational trends.

Become a professional in strategy and consulting

For graduates entering the strategy and consulting job market, there is a strong and clear need for the capacity to devise and implement strategy. Through blending the science and experience of strategy, our program is the answer to the industry’s demand for professionals of strategy capable of thinking and acting in complex situations.

Moreover, emlyon business school has always partnered with the business community to provide students with quality internships and job offers, as well as privileged contact with diverse organizations, companies, and top consulting firms.

Engage with the dynamics of the world

Business is worldwide! Therefore, thanks to the MSc in Strategy & Consulting, you will develop your ability to integrate strategic diversity by working worldwide in multicultural teams.

The program is primarily taught in Paris, but students will gain more international awareness via an International Seminar and an international term, before applying their strategy knowledge during their internship with a recognized company based anywhere in the world.