Knowledge knows no bounds. For senior executives/managers, what they have learned in the college is not enough, so it is better for them to make full use of the platform provided by emlyon business school to realize their plans and goals of lifelong learning after graduation.

Executive Education currently offered by emlyon business school includes:

emlyon business school regularly invites tutors majored in finance or economics (in-service graduate students) to give lectures, in a bid to enable our graduates and students to comprehensively keep up with knowledge updates. The lectures are offered to students of emlyon business school free of charge.

Overseas Study Tour

emlyon business school regularly organizes overseas study tours for alumni, and provides tailor-made itineraries based on their practical demands. Alumni can visit world-renowned business schools and talk with internationally reputed professors face to face. In the meantime, they will be given a taste of the cultivation modes and teaching procedures of top business schools, and an opportunity to immerse themselves in an encouraging learning atmosphere. Besides, the school organizes alumni to visit and study in world-class enterprises, club and organizations, and conduct in-depth communication with management personnel. After study tour, alumni will be invited to a summary report meeting which can inspire them to apply what they have learned into their work and life.


emlyon business school focuses on the life-long and all-round learning of alumni. The school holds various lectures and forums from time to time, covering the fields of economy, management, finance, literature and society. The school invites domestic and foreign well-known professors, senior scholars and executives to be involved in teaching and share with alumni the latest development in economy, management practices and frontier topics at home and abroad, striving to build an atmosphere for lifelong learning.

Company Visiting

Based on its teaching schedule, emlyon business school will arrange alumni to visit well-known enterprises, high-tech industrial parks, economically developed provinces and cities and alumni enterprises, to keep up with trending social economic topics. Through visiting, practice, ideas exchange, group discussion and other means, alumni can integrate study, research, thinking and theory and application into one while brainstorming.

Alumni forum

emlyon business school invites industry elites among alumni every year to share their experience with other alumni and students, bridging between management theory and enterprise management practice. The experience sharing helps alumni and students open their minds, obtain information, broaden their horizons, improve their management skills, and promote alumni to make contributions in the development of enterprises, industries and society.