Handle sales transformation to reach excellence

In today's dynamic business landscape, sales strategies and processes are evolving. Companies seek professionals able to navigate change, embrace innovation, and optimize approaches for enhanced sales performance. The MSc in Global Sales Excellence equips you to manage large sales force scattered geographically, handle cultural differences, drive data-driven customer platforms, and implement cutting-edge digital sales technologies.

Develop strategic, operational and managerial skills

The MSc in Global Sales Excellence empowers students with skills in three main dimensions while considering the major social, environmental and technological challenges. Strategic skills will enable you to build effective and tailored global business strategies. Operational skills cover negotiation, stock optimization, and market studies with hands-on experience, while managerial skills include team collaboration, leadership and fostering holistic development for global sales success.

Sales enablement lies at the core of the program

Sales enablement is about providing sales teams with the necessary tools, training, and resources for effective customer interactions. Mastery of sales enablement is vital in sales roles, enhancing productivity, maintaining consistent messaging, and empowering teams with the skills and knowledge needed to engage customers successfully, ultimately driving business growth.