emlyon business school Global Healthcare Industry Center (GHIC) is an international think-tank for the healthcare industry, based closely on the resources of emlyon business school professors in the fields of marketing, human resources, organisation, and finance, and the emlyon business school Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Management (AIM). Focusing on the business ecosystem of the healthcare industry, GHIC is committed to being a global open research and innovation platform.

Center Leadership

Dr. Edward TU
Director, emlyon business school Global Healthcare Industry Center (GHIC)
Founder and President of Grand Health Industry Learning & Development Alliance
Executive Director, emlyon business school Global Healthcare Industry Center (GHIC)
Founder of Aesthetics Industry Insight & New Healthcare 100 Medical Media
Dr. Annelie QU
Executive Director, emlyon business school Global Healthcare Industry Center (GHIC)
Founder of A+ Accelerator
GDBA Participant


Facilitating the Internationalization, Digitalization, and New Ecosystem of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Enterprises.



  • Empowering entrepreneurs and leaders in the healthcare industry
  • Creating a new digital ecosystem for the healthcare industry
  • Linking China and France to accelerate the internationalization of local Chinese companies and the localization of multinational companies

Value proposition

  • Promoting the healthy development of the upgrading of the healthcare industry

Strategic Positioning

  • Business and Leadership Transformation (BLT)
  • Committed to developing new eco-leaders in the healthcare industry
  • Blending practice with academic frontiers
  • Upgrading new thinking to create a new pattern and new business
  • Co-creating a new ecosystem for the healthcare industry
  • Driving business growth and industry innovation

Products and Services

Our Work 2024

  • (One Advisory Committee Meeting) Important knowledge collation and research communication for the development of industry, government, industry, academia and research
  • (One report) Industry white paper - White Paper on the Development of Marketing Representative Abilities in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • (Three conferences) Industry conference - The Asia-Pacific (Unlisted) Innovative Drugs/Devices/Food/Cosmetics/Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Integration Conference
  • (Four industry forums linking with think tanks) Enterprise empowerment

Address of the Center

The center is located in emlyon business school Asia (International Education Building, 3663 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai, China), with linked empowerment centers in several cities in China. There is also close cooperation with the campuses of Paris, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Bourbonnais Val and Sablanca.