Master innovation and entrepreneurship

The program will equip you to become a talented leader capable of developing innovative entrepreneurial solutions that will make a lasting contribution to society.

To achieve that goal, you will:

  • Learn essential skills for creating innovative ventures and business practices
  • Identify and leverage social entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Construct new pathways and networks of sustainable innovation & leadership
  • Inspire and be inspired to be the difference

Benefit from a truly global experience : Europe, America, Asia & Africa

Firms and organizations operate all around the world, and for many, and their market is global. Therefore, thanks to this MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship, you will reinforce your intercultural abilities to work worldwide in multicultural teams. The challenges and opportunities in sustainability entrepreneurship are both local and global. Through experiential learning in 3 continents: Europe, Africa and Asia, you will learn how to successfully navigate the specifics of global innovation and entrepreneurship, while being immersed in different ecosystems.

Benefit from true international exposure

There is an increasing demand for more sustainability-focused individuals who are empowered to be the change and prepared to make a positive difference in the world. The emlyon business school MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship has been designed to meet these demands. Graduates from this program will join a global community of skilled socially-responsible entrepreneurs and business leaders who engage in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship practices.