• Creating empowering leaders for your business success

At the peak of their careers, executives are committed to the cultivation of outstanding talents and the creation of excellent teams. Therefore, it is critical to figure out how to systematically generalize and convey their own business experience and expertise.

  • Turning into an practice professor and reaching a new realm of life

At their forties, corporate executives are more concerned about strategic issues, including their own professional transformation and social values. Further capturing the methodologies and systematically learning how to deliver will help executives become "knowledge mentors" until they stand on the podiums of world-class business schools, become practice professors and turn dreams into reality!

emlyon business school now introduces the upgraded Intake 2 of the Certified B-School Lecturer Program  (CBL), which is designed to helping participants become top-notch lecturers with international vision, industry insights and in-depth understanding on the principles and practices of business management in China, who also serve as empowering leaders. The CBL Program invites invites a team of internationally renowned experts to enhance the participants' capabilities of public communication, empowering leadership, action learning methodology and star cirriculum design, and help business elites shape their intergrated personal IPs. Therefore, every participant who is eager to share knowledge and wisdom has the opportunity to become the most influential opinion leader in his/her specialized field.


  • Our team of top tutors at home and abroad will help business leaders enhance their presentation and communication skills, write and teach cases and create star cirriculums
  • Systematic methodology shapes empowering and coaching leaders who drive enterprise-wise empowering leadership and action learning
  • Thanks to our exercises in designing online and offline innovative cirriculums, the participants will have the opportunity to stand on the podium at emlyon business school, one of the world-leading institutions, to pilot their cirriculums and build up teaching experience
  • The participants will meet and interact with industry experts, executives and other participants at emlyon to explore innovations and break through industry barriers
  • Endorsed by a top-class business school, the Program will create your personal knowledge IP and upgrade your influence in the specialized domain
  • Outstanding graduates will receive offers to become part of our faculty team at emlyon Asia Campus, which reveals a shortcut to worldwide teaching and represents new lifetime value