William Hua WANG

Professor of Innovation Management at emlyon business school
President at emlyon business school Asia Campus

Chen Junsong

Professor at emlyon business school
Assistant President at emlyon business school Asia Campus

Marilyn Atkinson

Founder & President at Erickson College
Master Trainer

Zheng Lifeng

Tutor at NLP Academy

Wu Qiming

Founder of Systematic Facilitation Theory & Model

Li Xiang

Gift & Potential Developer
Well-known Expert in Voice & Status Improvement in China

Tang Weimin

Founder of Ruiyue Consulting Co., Ltd.
Chief Consultant at DDI

Gao Song

Professor of East China University of Science and Technology
Director of China Action Learning Research Center

Sun Hong

Founder of Shanghai Xuanqiao Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Senior e-learning curriculum designer

Hou Zhonghua

Film and television performance training instructor
CGolden Mentor, Seoul CAST Institute