Program Overview

The Asian Campus Semester programme was designed within the context of the development of emlyon business school’s activities in Asia. As the component of MSc in Management program and the specialized master of the emlyon business school, ACS program last four months (one semester) and brings together international students from the emlyon business school and from local partner universities (East China Normal University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, etc.) to achieve multicultural integration. Currently, approximately 700 international students come to the emlyon business school Asia campus each year to follow Asian campus semester program.

Launched in March 2008, this project embodies the belief that the thriving Asian market will be an important part for students' future international career development. In order to equip students with effective management skills and capabilities to adapt to current social and cultural context, Asian Campus Semester Program provides students with an opportunity to discover in-depth the business environment in Asia and to understand the key factors for a successful management.

The ACS program is a full-time program, and this implies each student’s commitment to participating in the different components comprising the program, including core course Asian business environment, elective courses related to marketing, finance, human resource management, cross-cultural communication and negotiation, luxury management, operations and strategic management etc.

What’s more, students can also run a consulting project in the enterprise (In-Company Consulting Project, ICP for short). ICP allows students to experience real business environment china in analyzing and providing solutions on a real-world problem in company development. Chinese language courses, career development seminar, industry sharing and management conferences are also core components of the ACS program. After completing Asian campus semester program, an increasing number of students prefer to start internships and develop future career paths in Asia.

Objectives of the program:

  • achieve a clear understanding of key success factors in Asia’s economic development;
  • understand the impact this environment may have on the development of Asian and Western countries’ economies and business;
  • identify specific managerial practices in China;
  • develop and adapt intercultural and negotiation skills to the Chinese environment;
  • create a personal network and a potential future professional network.

Program period: 2 semester per year (summer/fall)

Program location: No.3663 North Zhongshan Rd , East China Normal University, International Education Center, Puotuo district, Shanghai

Participants testimonial:

In terms of academic experience I can easily say that the courses are of very good quality. I am doing the Finance Track here in Shanghai and our professors have a strong background and experience in Asia which deepens our understanding of the courses that is very rewarding.

As a social life I really enjoy living in Shanghai. Although the campus is far from downtown and we had some inconveniencies at the beginning, I believe it is a beautiful city to live in and study in. Furthermore, there are many close cities around such as Suzhou or Hangzhou that definitely worth a visit.

Globally Shanghai as well as the school allows me to have a good balance between my studies and my social life. I had good classes, and I could live and learn about the Asia culture, I have met amazing people and I will leave China with good memories.

—— Necati Peken, European Triple Degree

It’s the third year for me in emlyon, and I have just finished my 3 months studies in Asian Shanghai campus. First, Asian Shanghai Campus provides students various courses focusing on China and Asian development and also opportunities for students to chase from Asia development, which students cannot learn from Emlyon France, such as Supply Chain Management in Asian, Consumer Behavior, Digital Markets, Asian Business Environment. Those courses enrich the understanding of Asian markets and broaden student’s mind, from these courses, there are lots of cross-culture teamwork with classmates. Second, Asian campus also provides very convenient living surroundings, such as in-campus canteen, comfortable dormitories, pleasant reading and meeting room. But what impresses me most is ICP, that is in- company project. You will have a deep teamwork together to make services to a targeted company. During this 3 months ICP, students will benefit a lot from team inspirations, coordination, presentation training, and company supervisors. For international students prefer living unforgettable to living peacefully and dare to fight as a warrior, Asian Campus Semster will be the best choice for you.

—— WANG Le, Program Grand Ecole

Spending a semester in Shanghai is an opportunity to take a step back on everything I've seen or learned so far. Living in China as a foreigner facing this multi-millennial civilization teaches you humility, especially when experiencing illiteracy is part of your everyday life. This humility is, in my opinion, the most important characteristic of a true maker who must constantly learn to go beyond his certainties and leave his comfort zone to innovate and be a pioneer. Beyond this strictly personal dimension, I was also looking forward to meeting young Chinese students. They are generally seen as shy and mysterious, but those I have met so far have marked me by their openness and authenticity. Their culture is as different as it is inspiring. Hearing them about their individual backgrounds and their daily lives is particularly rewarding. That's why I would like, in return, to share with you my background.

—— BENJELLOUN TOUIMI Khalil, Specialized Master