• Develop critical thinking
  • Explore east and west management frontiers
  • Contribute the Asian business wisdom to the globe
  • Craft scholarly industry leader

Make your impact! Master the wisdom to become scholarly business leaders.

This program has been specifically designed in response to a growing need of business leaders to challenge current business practice and devise new methods for progression in times of technological and geopolitical change, and increasing uncertainty.

By combining academically rigorous education with business practice, the program will enable participants to update their business knowledge and enhance their analytical and critical thinking capabilities through modules delivered across the globe.

The emlyon Global DBA also requires participants to produce a doctoral dissertation – an original piece of research focusing on solving core issues within their own industry or organization. With their career experience and their new academic learning, this dissertation will create real business impact and value.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Format: Face to face lecture, Doctorate supervisor, team and access to online resources such as library, e-learning platform
  • International Workshop: China/Overseas
  • Language: Mandarin/English
  • Next Intake: October 2024

  • 2024 Intake Application Fee: RMB 2,500 or Euro 300

  • 2024 Intake Tuition Fee: €125,800 (divided in two installments)*

*2024 intake early bird scholarship: €6,000, only valid to those who applied before January 31st,2024

Distinctive Program Features

  • Gather industry leaders

Gathering the wisdom of industry leaders at the pinnacle, with excellent leadership and management skills, innovative thinking and strategic vision, as well as global perspective and cross-border mindset, collectively shaping the direction of the industry. Collaborating with top experts to envision future development, constantly exploring innovative frontiers, and ushering a new era in the industry!

  • Industry Academic Research

Industry academia and research have led to a doubling of value, with enterprises as the main body, market orientation, and deep integration of industry academia and research. Adhering to a demand oriented and problem-oriented approach, students engage in diversified learning, and supervisors provide intellectual support. At the same time, they can engage in in-depth cooperation with various industry centers at emlyon business school.

  • Exclusive Embedded Practical Courses

The second curve of empowering the workplace - the Certified B-School Lecturer Program (CBL) for Entrepreneurs and Business School, complements GDBA learning with another learning path to enhance empowerment, complete workplace transformation, and help businesses achieve teamwork. Excellent students have the opportunity to transform into EMBA mentors and master's program lecturers at emlyon business school.

  • Overseas Study

Students can travel to multiple campuses around the world of the emlyon business school to learn, experience European humanities, understand diverse corporate cultures, and discuss and learn with cutting-edge scholars and industry leaders around the world to enhance their global strategic vision.