emlyon business school joining hands with the PrecisionMed  launches a brand new leadership program in 2019. Combining expert lectures with offshore visits, the program cultivates the executives who are able to adapt to and lead the medical and health industries in tomorrow's global transformation as well as worldwide entrepreneurs and business leaders who will drive innovation and development in different territories and contexts.

The leadership program focuses on improving strategic management and decision-making capabilities, international leadership and innovative thinking skills of senior executives in the medical industry, helping participants understand corporate finance, market investment, branding, big data and other management expertise,  enhance the core competency of corporate growth and personal development, and foster management elites with international vision in the medical field. During the Program, the participants will travel to Lyon, an well-established hub of life science and research in Europe for company visits and explore the roadmap of innovation and sustainablibility of many leading  pharmaceutical companies.

About PrecisionMed

With the rapid development of China's economy, the improvement of people's living standards, and the aging of the urban population, the medical and health industry has showcased the greatest market potential and development room, full of dynamism, while of extraordinary concern. It is reported that the total medical expenditure in China exceeded RMB4.6 trillion  in 2017, and it is expected to surge to RMB7.3 trillion in 2019.

Higher barriers to competition make the investment in quality assets of the medical industry more profitable than other sectors. The rigid demand for disease prevention and health improvement by the people and the government makes the medical industry leap over the economic cycle and become an perpetual theme of venture investment. In the next decade, venture capital  in the healthcare industry will usher in its golden age.

Project Benefits

  • Best faculty and industry resources

Integrate outstanding expert instructors in the field of corporate management to provide cutting-edge and specialized courses. The PrecisionMedhas rich industrial resources in entrepreneurship, innovation, branding and healthcare industry.

  • Innovative curriculum

In the era of digital transformation, emlyon business school incorporates the training of worldwide Early Makers into its strategic and teaching goals, and join many well-known pharmaceutical companies in France to help the participants from the precision medical industry to develop their global vision.

  • Shared global resources

France has many world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and excellent medical education resources. The Program includes international company visits. Through the combination of theories and practices, participants will gain more first-hand experience and insights in corporate management.