The Program consists of eight core moudule; each modules is two days. Through a combination of academic lectures and medical industry practices, it is designed to foster the pioneers who will be able to adapt to and lead the development of precision medicine and healthcare industries in the future global transformation.

Policy and strategy

Explore the practical application of microeconomic theories


Leadership cultivation and the art of decision making, team psychology, change management, leadership innovation, etc.

AI and big data insights

Research on platform strategy and transformation, business trends and technological innovation, data and decision analysis in the era of digital economy

Capital operation

Find out the business processes of stock and bond issuance, new share placement, equity transfer, consolidation, M&A and asset restructuring


Introduction to IPO process and related issues

Financial Management

Study financial statement analysis, risk management and internal controls

Marketing and brand planning

Game theory and strategic marketing, disruptive marketing, winning branding strategy, digital integrated marketing and innovation of real economy

Business model

Explore the frontier of business innovation thinking and think about business positioning