Program Overview

emlyon-Vning EDP Program for Global Sports and Recreation Industry Leaders is an emerging industry innovation and entrepreneurship program designed for top-notch entrepreneurs and executives. As the first international joint education program for global industry leaders in the recreational industry. It is committed to training business leaders in the worldwide industries of culture, sports and entertainment.

Founded by emlyon business school, one of the world's top business schools and the second-ranked institution in France, and Vning Sports Businss School, China's "Whampoa Military Academy" for sports  professionals, this international executive education program is commited to "shape the sports entrepreneurs and top executives in the era of internet+, who feature global vision, internet thinking and maker's spirit".

Following the success of three intakes in 2016-2018, emlyon-Vning Executive Education Program that in 2019, it will capture the transformation and upgrade of China's emerging markets, break through the boundaries of the sports industry, and combine sports with culture and recreation, by revamping it into "The EDP Program for Global Sports and Recreation Industry Leaderse". The opening ceremony will be held on April 28-29, 2019.

Program Highlight

Highlight 1: The first "industry transformation and upgrade" program
Focusing on the transformation and upgrade of traditional Chinese enterprises, it is developed to comprehensively cultivate future global industry leaders who understand the key demands of middle class for consumption upgrades and feature the insights of globalization, internet+ and emerging industries. Inheriting the essence of previous programs, with "Sports +" as the core framework, the participants of the Program will become China's first recreational leaders covering cultural, sports and entertainment and leading the wave of integration and innovation.
Highlight 2: The first "Intensive Startup Incubation Camp"
emlyon-Vning Executive Education Program will provide targeted and customized mentoring on the participants' businesses. From business model, production, marketing, product services, investment, financing up to IPO consultancy, it strives to accelerate the transformation and upgrade of incubator startups. Supported by emlyon Venture Capital Incubation Base, Dachen Venture Capital, Jingwei Venture Capital, Sequoia Capital, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Hong Kong China Travel Investment, Palm Spring Capital, Zhimei Sports, Education Excellence, Century Gold Source and Olympic Games Power Venture, a numnber of capital and industry funds amounting to over RMB10 trillion will help our participants to take off their startups.
Highlight 3: The first "hands-on program with nationwide company visits"
The Global Recreation Executive Education Program Intake 2019 will be launched in Beijing, Fujian and Guangdong simultaneously. Connecting the South to the North, the participants will visit many leading enterprises in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Taiwan. Thanks to the outstanding networks of nearly 300 faculty members and alumni from previous executive education programs, it can easily access the funds of hundreds of billions and the markets with the potential of trillions, in order to seize the future commanding heights of the cultural and entertainment industries.
Highlight 4: Powerful alumni resources - A professional platform of business transformation and upgrade
Benefitted from emlyon-Vning EDP Alumni Association, it brings together high-end investment institutions, international entrepreneurial mentors, industry giants, the most influential medias and national think tanks to launch the Global Recreation Executive Education Program that will decide the future of emerging industries in China. The faculty and alumni resources will provide a platform of partnership and development for transformation, upgrades and venture capital, including:
  • Executives of global sports organizations and leaders of cultural indudstry
  • Founders of world-leading cultural, sports and entertainment brands
  • Founders of well-known public companies in the cultural, sports and entertainment industries
  • Senior lawyers in the worldwide cultural, sports and entertainment sectors
  • Executives of world-renowed cultural, sports and entertainment companies
  • Top-class scholars in economics, management and other domains
  • Founders and partners of top-ranking investment institutions

Program Partner - Vning

A world-leading training institution focusing on sports and cultural industries as well as business professionals. A high-end cultural and entrepreneurial community in China. An industry-leading matrix of new business media. A one-stop platform for third-party services in the sports and cultural industries. Vning Sports and Cultural Industries (Beijing) Co., Ltd. features a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Vning Human Resources, Vning Training Center, Vning Education Consulting and Vning Culture and Media. It has far-reaching influence in China's cultural and sports education, new business media, city branding and cultural and sports planning and marketing.

Vning represents a solid value chain that serves the sports and cultural industries. It has completely integrated services of education, training, business media, planning, consultation, conference and exhibition and has finished two rounds of fundraising from six industry giants and top institutional investors, including Wisdom Sports Group, Fortune VC, RIC Capital Management, China Sports Media, Excellence Education and Century Golden Resources.