Program Overview

emlyon business school established its Asian Campus in Shanghai in 2007 and launched a 14-week semester for emlyon business school master’s students. Operated by the emlyon business school Asian Campus programs office, this semester is fully integrated into the Master’s programs offered on European Campus in Lyon, France. It brings together Master’s students from emlyon business school, from ECNU, our partner university in Shanghai, and from other partner institutions, for a full multi-cultural experience in China.

Each year, around 600 Masters’ students will pursue management studies here in Shanghai, either during the Summer (from April to July) or the Fall semester (from September to December). The students come from different programs, especially during the Summer semester: MSc in Management (Grande Ecole Program), MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, MSc in Sport Industry Management, MSc in International Hospitality Management, MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science, etc.

On the Asian Campus, the semester provides students with relevant courses and an opportunity to experience and understand essential aspects of the Chinese / Asian business environment, particularly in the form of the In-company Consulting Project (ICP).

Advantages of ICP

A large number of Chinese and international companies are faced with issues they need advice on, plans or projects which need to take on a more tangible form, or even problems and challenges that need to be resolved. Such companies may lack the necessary inhouse resources (time, people, etc.) to pursue them. Each semester, the emlyon business school Asian Campus can offer multi-cultural groups of students to work on these very real projects and come up with real proposals and real recommendations at the end of the period. Each team of students can draw on solid general management knowledge, the specific learning contents of the semester in Shanghai, and their diversified backgrounds in order to analyse and resolve the particular issues while coming up with tangible outputs for the future development of the company, as amply demonstrated in the previous semesters.

Types of project

Many types of issues can be covered in the framework of the ICP:

  • A marketing plan for a new line of products
  • A communication or positioning strategy
  • A competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Reorientation of HR and remuneration policies
  • Internal performance improvement research etc.

Advantages of ICP for participating companies

  • Recommendations on real issues
  • Access to a group of talented students and resources
  • Possibility to tailor student profiles to project needs
  • Student creativity / thinking out of box + excellent academic background
  • Professional and academic supervision by emlyon business school
  • Opportunity to identify / test future new hires

Key elements for designing a successful project

  • A clear definition of the scope of the project: a real issue confronting the company
  • Commitment of the supervisor, regular exchange of meetings
  • Access to internal resources (confidential agreement available)

Actors in ICP

The group of students: generally composed of 4 emlyon business school master’s students and 1 Chinese student from our partner universities. The company cannot choose the students but can submit their requirements of students’ profiles (for example: engineering background, experience in marketing or in finance, etc.)

The company, which is represented by the company supervisor. The supervisor defines the framework of the assignment, follows the consultants’ work and assesses their final results. His/her commitment is the key element for the success of the project.

The pool of academic tutors, which represents a resource accessible to students. The pool of tutors will comprise a number of academic experts from different business fields and will offer suggestions and advice concerning methodology, action plans, sources of information, etc.,

The ICP board is made of several professional and academic experts, who will assess the overall quality of the final project once accomplished with the company supervisor.

Since 2008, we’ve worked with around 340 companies on around 600 projects, including:

ADEN Services, ADECCO, ARKEMA, AUCHAN, Carrefour, Cartier, Club Med, Dior, BAYER, East Radio, Fleishmen-Hillard, LENOVO, L’Oreal, Michelin, Miumiu, Saint-Gobain, Salomon, Solvay, PayPal, Roger Dubuis, Philips, Société Générale, Targus, TBWA, TOTAL, Veolia…And many SME.

The following companies have offered projects for two consecutive semesters or more:

ADECCO, ADEN, ARKEMA, AUCHAN, APNC, Bassetti, China Materialia, CP Lotus, DaD Asia, Dior, Haole Consulting, LWC, Platane, Saint-Gobain, SASA, Smith & Nephew, Targus, TBWA, V-Coffee, Veolia...

Please download our ICP brochure to see more details.

Please contact us if your company want to provide with ICP project(s) for our students.