1. What is the calendar of ICP?

The In-Company Project lasts the whole semester (14 weeks), either during the summer semester (April to July) or during the fall semester (September to December). Each week, the Thursday is free of courses and thus specifically set aside for work on the project (meetings, online documentary research, conducting questionnaires and interviews, brainstorming sessions, etc., whether inside or outside of the company) on top of the spare time within the program schedule.

2. Where take place the ICP?

During the semester, each Thursday is set aside for students to work on the project whether inside or outside of the company.

In summer semester, most of the groups conduct their mid-term presentation and final presentation in East China Normal University Zhongbei campus, other groups in Zizhu International Education Park, depending on the programs. In fall semester, all groups conduct mid-term presentation and final presentation in Zizhu International Education Park.

3. What are the actors in ICP?

Each team is composed of Master’s students from emlyon business school and Chinese student from our partner universities in Shanghai.

The company needs to appoint a supervisor to guide and supervise each team it has provided a project to.

The teams will also be able to call on a pool of expert tutors who will provide the necessary methodological advice as they steer their way through the different stages of this consultancy project.

4. When begins the recruitment of Chinese partner university students?

For summer semester, the recruitment period is January to March of each year; for fall semester, June to August of each year.

5. What are competencies needed for Chinese partner university students who want to apply for ICP?
  • Chinese students enrolled in a Master’s program. (Undergraduate Students who are in their fourth year will also be taken into consideration.)
  • Majored in the fields of Social Sciences or Management or in related fields (e.g. Law, Economics, Finance, Project Management, International Trade, Tourism Management, Information Science, etc.)
  • Good written and oral skills in English, be able to communicate with international students.
  • Take their studies and their future seriously, make sure the following up of program from the beginning to the end.
6. After having finished ICP, will a certificate be awarded?

Student who have participated in ICP from the beginning to the end and have succeeded in exam will be awarded an ICP certificate.