Alix带你走进墨西哥 – 神秘玛雅文明与热情生活交错的国度

Alix-Anne Farque
Alix-Anne Farque

MSc in Management, 2008

Car Manufacturers Manager, AXA
The Alumni Network Ambassador in Mexico



里昂商学院墨西哥校友会成立至今已有70名校友加入了,其中有一半的校友是常驻在墨西哥首都墨西哥城的。今天,小编就为大家介绍一位里昂校友- Alix-Anne Farque, 作为里昂“校友大使”,她已经在墨西哥工作、居住了9年,在过去5年里Alix又为墨西哥校友会招募做出了很多贡献。


Q1: What kind of advice would you give to a newcomer?

Alix: You need to get out there and try things out! It would be easier for you if you spoke a few words of Spanish in order to facilitate your integration within the local community. You have to be curious and want to discover the local culture; share some free time with your co-workers or your neighbors!


Q2: Something that should not be done…

Alix: Do not speak English; avoid criticizing everything; and do not get together with only French people!


Q3: What are the main areas of development in Mexico?

Alix: Several sectors of activity are booming: the startup ecosystem, financial sector, healthcare sector, energy industry – Pemex recently lost its monopoly opening the market to new sectors; or tourism industry.


Q4: Any other ideas?

Alix: A new President has recently been elected on July 1st, 2018 - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, from the left-wing party – who will take over the power on December 1st, 2018. These elections have been quite exceptional since they put a stop to the PRI party reign. The result of the elections may bring some profound changes in the leadership of the country in the coming years. Also, the country is going through a very doubtful period with the United States reconsidering NAFTA.

今年7月1日,墨西哥左翼政党候选人Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador赢得总统选举,将于12月1日起正式出任墨西哥总统。这一选举结果出人意料,打破了革命制度党近一个世纪以来的执政历史。但是,在不久的将来,这也将给墨西哥政府领导层带来深远的改革。当然,在北美自由贸易协定的问题上,墨西哥还在经历一个不确定阶段。

A piece of advice would be to go beyond what general media report about Mexico – drug trafficking, drugs and street gun fights. Mexico is a very large territory, as it represents three times the surface of France, with a great economic growth. Mexican people are serious workers, very optimistic and committed to their jobs. The country has many sides which can appeal to everyone: history, culture, colonial cities, beaches, mountains (highest mountain at 5 636m: Pic d'Orizaba), sports, many cultural holidays, family traditions…


Q5: One final word?

Alix: Come visit Mexico! People who have had the curiosity to discover the country, have done everything in their power to come back and get settled there. Mexico City is a great city to live in and the country was awarded #1 country by InterNations for woman expatriation! We will welcome you with open arms!