Professor of Strategy and International Marketing
Head of International Affairs
University of Agder, Norway

Ilan Alon (PhD, Kent State University) is Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the University of Agder, Norway. Prior to that, he held positions in Harvard University, Georgetown University, State University of New York, Kent State University and Rollins (USA).  Dr. Alon consulted USAID on franchising development in emerging markets.  In Croatia, he aided in the development of the field of franchising through education to bankers, business consultants, and lawyers and support for budding home-grown franchisors. He has also consulted international franchisors, such as Darden (USA), Duhan (Croatia) and illy (Italy), to develop their national and international franchising systems. He is a partner in a franchising consulting firm, Global Franchising Institute (GFI):

Alon has developed and taught franchising courses in China (Fudan University & China Europe International Business School, CEIBS), Italy (MIB School of Management, Polytechnic of Milano), Germany (Jacobs University) and India (Integrated Institute for Learning and Management, IILM), and lectured extensively on the topic in various professional associations, including the International Franchise Association, International Society for Franchising, and the Academy of International Business.

  • 1998, Ph.D. Business Administration, Kent State University
  • 1996, Master of International Economics Kent State University
  • 1994, MBA International Business Administration
  • International Business
  • Global Economics
  • Franchising
  • Global Marketing
  • International Business
  • Franchising