When Artificial Intelligence Reinvents Business and Management


When Orange Bank handles half of the exchanges with its customers thanks to a smart chatbot, Crédit Agricole automates the "reading" of financial reports. For its part, the Mana association effortlessly centralizes 90% of available information produced on the environment to focus on its activity: the analysis of climate change.

Many use cases presented at Think Paris, the annual conference of IBM organized on October 9 in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre. 2,000 participants were able to discover the new concrete applications of the Watson Artificial Intelligence Program, IBM's investment in future AI in France, and also the AI projects of emlyon business school, presented in person by Bernard Belletante, Dean of the School. Let’s look back an event that demonstrated the acceleration of the impact of AI on business.

How AI will Transform Our Ways To Learn
The Permanent Transformation

If the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) radically changes the way companies operate (and even their culture!), we must know how to prepare the future managers of tomorrow. That was the meaning presented at Think Paris by Bernard Belletante, Dean of emlyon business school. We must rethink everything, learn differently and become mobile. "We went from stock logic, teachers, programs and classrooms, to flow logic."

AI changes the vision of schools and companies and depicts the trades of tomorrow. That's why IBM and emlyon business school have successfully launched a technology partnership for transforming the journey of learners. The school thus develops "a tool for the permanent transformation of individuals". This system will be able to anticipate employment trends over the next 5-7 years and then introduce the training elements that individuals will need to follow to adapt to the job market. For Bernard Belletante, there are "extensive general professional skills (GPS), able to integrate the unknowns: industries that do not exist yet!" In short, anticipate the world redefined by AI ... thanks to AI. A real challenge for tomorrow.

The Quantum Computer at the Service of AI?

As research on quantum computers has been going on for 40 years, the first quantum computers should see the light of day within three years. IBM has already provided researchers, via the cloud, a quantum computing system of 5 qubit (a quantum power unit). "That will not solve everything," notes Haig Peter, "but the computing capabilities will necessarily explode. What to take into account is complex and intelligent management - for example for an airport." IBM's quantum computer has even been used in nuclear physics and will become "the mainstream of computing in 2022."

AI will Protect the Oceans

More unexpectedly, Haig Peter also spoke about AI's interest in monitoring and protecting the oceans. How? Through the deployment of microscopic robots in the middle of the plankton controlled by artificial intelligence, it will monitor in real time the state of the water, identify the zones of plastic accumulation and track the evolution of the plankton.

Neutral AI

Finally, the development of AI may have an undesirable effect: "the explosion of AI biases". To give just one example. For three years, the HR preselection algorithm deployed by Amazon took sexist decisions: relying on the existing payroll, mostly male, it spread systematically the female profiles. "Developing systems that learn without prejudice is a prerequisite for AI to make truly just and effective decisions." Neutral and impartial AI: a real watchword to ensure business transformation that benefits the greatest population.