The Meeting with the Deans of emlyon business school and the Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony Successfully Held in Shanghai

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2019-07-05

On July 5, 2019, the meeting with Deans of emlyon business school, also the Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony, was held in Shanghai, marking the first visit in the city by Chairman of the Executive Board and Dean Tawhid CHTIOUI, who led the management team of emlyon business school together with over 100 students, alumni and other distinguished guests to CCIFC (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Française en Chine) to discuss how to create “the early makers”. The new era of emlyon business school is opened through the academia-business cooperation platform featuring the co-creation of value, mutual benefit and win-win senario.

ZHANG Zhigang, CEO of NeoBay, Leo Liu, President of Wyndham Hotel Group Great China, Miao Huiqin, Director of Yicai Foundation, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Commission of Yicai Media Group, Tao Jun, Managing Director and Deputy Party Secretary of CIIC Shanghai, Lily Zhang, Vice President of CHINT Electrics, Yanick Yan, Deputy Director of Sigfox SA and other distinguished corporate partners attended the ceremony.

Strengthening the Academia-Business Cooperation for Co-creation and Win-win

The revolution of science and technology is changing the education management while rebuilding the future of business. To cultivate “the early makers” for the world as its mission, emlyon business school, a leading business school with the No.1 entrepreneurship and innovation capacity in France, has been committed to a close academia-business cooperation for promoting the cultivation of innovative talents, the employment competitiveness of students and the industry-university-research collaboration. Currently, emlyon business school has established profound school-business partnership with more than 1,600 well-known enterprises worldwide.

Witnessed by Dean Tawhid CHTIOUI and Vice Dean Tugrul ATAMER of emlyon business school, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed on the night by William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia, with Shanghai Neobay Venture Capital Limited Company, Wyndham Hotel Management (Beijing) Limited Company, Yicai Foundation and CIIC Shanghai, Zhejing Chint Electrics Limited Company and Sigfox SA, respectively.

The strategic cooperation signing ceremony is a full demonstration of the cutting-edge disciplines as well as the strong teaching and research capacity of emlyon business school in entrepreneurship and innovation, lifestyle and digitalization.

  • Continuing to focus on the entrepreneurship and innovation as well as the cultivation of makers based on the win-win cooperation with Shanghai Neobay Venture Capital Limited Company
  • Developing a comprehensive cooperation with Sigfox SA to train the talents in the field of digital transformation and Internet of things, proposing joint solutions of complementary advantages, as well as creating an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosphere.
  • Unleashing the strength in hotel management, branding, lifestyle of the school and Wyndham Hotel Management (Beijing) Limited Company, to realize collaborative innovation and empower the industry.
  • Mobilizing global resources and working with Zhejing Chint Electrics Limited Company to promote smart manufacturing, digital transformation and the cultivation of innovative talents.

Exploring and Innovating Public Welfare Based on Corporate Social Responsibilities

In the long term, social innovation is as indispensable as the technological and commercial innovation. Therefore, one of the core strategies for emlyon business school is to continue to pay close attention to and carry forward the humanistic business, social responsibilities and the sustainable development, and work with all parties to improve people’s well-being.

Committed to its concept of “Good Business”, the emlyon business school entered into a partnership with Yicai Foundation and CIIC Shanghai to co-launch the “Future Elite Development Program”, a public welfare program focusing on workplace, so to establish a long-term holistic strategic cooperation relationship and build a diversified public-interest platform for future elites for sustainable development of programs for public good.

Summit Dialogues with Deans on the Night of Makers

On the night of the event, Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school and Dean of emlyon business school Asia extended a warm welcome to guests present and share the new development highlights of emlyon’s strategy, “the emlyon business school is currently implementing the three major strategies of globalization, digitalization and AI in a proactive attitude, aiming to help managers and leaders in Asia to think creatively and to cultivate more entrepreneurs and business leaders equipped with global perspective and the spirit of makers in this age of digital transformation. ”

▲ Opening Remarks by Professor William Hua WANG, Associate Dean of emlyon business school, Dean of emlyon business school Asia

Highly competitive environment worldwide, the digital transformation, an evolution in individuals’ relationship with ‘knowing’, and globalization which have disrupted the usual approaches to learning and teaching. Agility and a global presence are essential today for enabling schools and higher education institutions to reinvent themselves, and to develop a new model that is aligned with the expectations of learners, companies and society. “Unique governance model would bring together a variety of complementary stakeholders. They would be united by shared values and a strong desire to succeed, and to consolidate the ambitious development project created by emlyon business school. The future site of emlyon -- early makers hub symbolizes emlyon's commitment in terms of sustainability and eco-responsibility. It also sees itself as a symbol of the ability to create experiences, the emergence of new ideas and an opening up to different cultures of the world.” Professor Tawhid Chtioui, Chairman of the Executive Board and Dean, emlyon business school, delivered a keynote speech, emphasizing the importance of academia-business cooperation and corporate social responsibility.

Speech by Professor Tawhid CHTIOUI, Chairman of the Executive Board and Dean, emlyon business school

Professor Tugrul Atamer, Vice Dean of emlyon business school gave a concluding speech, expecting that the close academia-business cooperation can benefit schools, enterprises and students.

▲ Closing Remarks by Professor Tugrul ATAMER, Vice Dean of emlyon business school

emlyon Night of Makers was launched gracefully at CCIFC. After the Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony, the Deans had a dialogue and discussion with emlyon students and alumni on the school’s future development and the employability of students.