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Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2020-11-26

When the “Digital China” is under construction, in the tail wind of the country’s booming cyber economics, we can see the accelerated upgrading of digital infrastructure, the corporate innovation and development empowered by the application of digital technologies, and the connection and restructuring of traditional industries with cutting-edge digital resources.

In response to the “Digital China” strategy and the Partnership for Digital Transformation Initiative, China Digital Annual Conference 2020 is now presenting a grand industrial gathering for digitalization-driven business innovation by promoting boldly and proactively the digitalization of traditional industries.

With the theme of “2020 Digital Future”, this year’s China Digital Annual Conference will take place between December 10thand 12th(Beijing time, China), pooling the wisdom of leading players in the field of digitalization-related industries, academia, research and application and inviting over one thousand participants in the vanguard of digital transformation. We will illuminate a digital future by reconnecting stakeholders and reconstructing value, and jointly foster sustainable immunity by driving business through digitalization.

As a national pageant in the field of digital economy and digital innovation, China Digital Annual Conference is about to witness its fifth convention. Over the years, it has grown into a high-end digital communication and networking platform for entrepreneurs, professors, researchers and end-users, fueling the digital transformation and innovation of industries, as well as the development of China’s digital economy. You are welcome to join the most influential business and industrial leaders to drive forward the all-factor digital transformation of Chinese enterprises and navigate our way in the new era of digitalization, in the hope of jointly lighting up a new economic future which features inclusiveness, innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

As the academic support provider of the conference, emlyon business schoolis pleased and honored to invite you to participate in events related to emlyon business school,includingDigital Logistics Forum, Digital Health Care Forum, emlyon business school Global Business Intelligence Forum and so forth, either to deliver a keynote speech or speak at round table so that we can listen toyour insights on the digital economy, digital transformation and innovation. We genuinly hope that you honor us with your presence.

Conference Information

Name: China Digital Annual Conference 2020

Theme: 2020 Digital Future

Time: December 10-12, 2010 (Thursday-Saturday) ---three days

Form: Offline Forum Hilton Chengdu Chenghua plus Online Forum

Size: A total of 1,000 on-site guests and 300,000 online audiences


Directed by: Chengdu Municipal People's Government

Sponsored by: Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Chengdu Chenghua District People's Government, Digital Industry Innovation Research Center

Organized by: JnExpert

Academic Support Provider: emlyon business school

Co-sponsors: emlyon business school Digital Club, Sichuan CIO Club, Chengdu Association for Promoting IT in Enterprises, Anhui Province Association of Chief Information Officer, CIO Sports Business School, Dalian CIO Association, Fujian CIO Network, Industry 4.0 Alliance, Guangzhou CIO Association, Heilongjiang Province CIO Alliance, Hainan CIO Association, Hebei CIO Alliance, Henan CIO Alliance, Jiangsu Association for Promoting IT in Enterprises, Rongjin ( Greater South China) IT Executives Win-win Circle, Shandong CIO Alliance, Shaanxi CIO Circle, Shanghai CIO Alliance, Shenzhen Association of Chief Information Officer, CIO Taiwan, Wuhan Industrial Economic Development Information Center, Southwest CIO Alliance, Zhejiang Informatization Promotion Conference, Zhongguancun Industrial Alliance for Mobile Internet, China CIO We-Media Alliance, Zhongshan CIO Alliance

Conference Highlights

  • An annual gathering of 1,000 decision-makers in Chinese digital transformation
  • 50 sessions of first-hand sharing of selected digital transformation methods and cases
  • Nine thematic forums highlight the new growth points in industries
  • One immersive training at a training camp for enterprises’ digital management talents
  • The debut of the first book detailing the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and the industrial Internet
  • Annual China Digital Transformation and Innovation Ranking and Award

Core content

  • The development trend of digital economy and the realization of digital value
  • Case demonstration of benchmarking enterprises in digital transformation
  • Applications and solutions for Digital innovation
  • Cross-border integration model for digital ecosystem
  • Date, time, venue, name of conference, form and content

Conference Agenda(Related to emlyon business school)








Main Venue


Digital Logistics Forum: Sci-tech Innovation Empowering Intelligent End-to-End Upgrading in logistics industry

Targeting CXO in logistics, thematic speeches, case sharing, solution demonstrations



Parallel Session 2

Digital Health Care Forum: Digital Growth Strategy Centering on Patients

Targeting CXO in medicine and health, thematic speeches, case sharing, solution demonstrations



Main Venue


emlyon business school Global Business Intelligence Forum

Targeting chairmen of board, CEO, Managers of Digitalization, entrepreneurs in intelligent technologies

Conference Consulting

Conference Affairs Contacts

Alaina Liu


E-mail: 15801570928@163.com