Lunar New Year's Greetings for 2021

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2021-02-09

Since the new millennium,

No year has been as unforgettable

as 2020,

Nor has there ever been a year as capable

of uniting us.

With collective wisdom,

We broke through geographical boundaries

And alleviated inequalities in resource allocation.

We empowered public interest with knowledge;

And in the spirit of the makers,

We opened up a new path for lasting business.

By caring for life, we look inward,

By sacrificing, we help others move forward.

When everybody’s love shines bright,

Every barrier will fall;

Just like the clear sky,

Washed clean by the rain after a storm.

We've always believed,

Only by running with excellent people

can we reach our goal of greatness.

With the same ideals and interests, our alumni

Springboard into the world to carve new paths.

To stand on the grand plateau of our times

Is our destined mission and great honor.

From France to China and beyond

We have never faltered from our original aspirations.

With the spirit of the makers lighting the way forward,

We have never stopped being professional and integrating the disciplines,

Bolstering academic strength,

Improving academic reputation,

And marching into globally top-ranking business schools.

From the classroom to the campus and to society,

You have our support, no matter where you are,

On your path to pursue academics

We will be with you.

When students embark on their career paths,

We lend a helping hand.


We sketch the blueprints,

And we share in the achievements.

We are behind you, sharing our wisdom freely, all along the way.

Today, we are gathered here,

To feel the joy of the new year,

To give shape to unlimited expectations.

This moment finds us

High-spirited and energetic.

Looking back with a sense of relief

And with our ambitions and dreams set before us.

The bell is about to ring in the New Year

Let us take pride in every effort we make,

and applaud everyone’s wisdom and effort.

Let us join hands,

look into each other’s eyes,

and give blessings

That usher in a bright new year

of more faith and perseverance.

May the early makers who have accompanied us

Enjoy prosperity, health, and happiness in the year of the ox