Global IPv6 and IPv6+ Development Whitepaper
Co-released by emlyon business school and Roland Berger

Source:emlyon business schoolDate:2021-10-19

October 19, 2021 The Global IPv6 and IPv6+ Development Whitepaper  co-authored by emlyon business school and  Roland Berger, is now officially released and made available to public for free downloading.  The Whitepaper aims at enhancing people’s understanding of the technology and providing policy-makers with input and reference from more perspectives.

In 2020, emlyon business school published Report on ICT Industry Business Environment in China, which was also co-authored with Roland Berger and widely acclaimed in the industry. emlyon business school will continue to implement its digitalization strategy and make its due contribution to global digitalizaiton process.

With the advent of new communication and information technologies, the world has entered a new era. We are witnessing an unprecedented historical moment where future-shaping technologies such as AI, 5G, cloud, IoT are emerging simultaneously.

A fundamental enabler lies at the core of all these technologies: IP address. It provides a "key" for devices to connect to the network, without which no communication can be carried out. The explosive growth of intelligent devices has exhausted the previous IPv4 address resources, and IPv6 was introduced to solve this problem.

Over the past decade, multiple initiatives at both global and regional levels have been implemented, to facilitate a coordinated transition to IPv6 for the entire internet ecosystem. At this moment, we find it necessary to reflect on how the world has progressed in this transition and summarize the socio-economic value IPv6 and IPv6+ have created.

We think a better understanding of the benefits of IPv6, the importance of making the transition to IPv6 can help the society in general in realizing the critical role that IPv6 plays. We hope that the measurements of IPv6 deployment progress provided in this paper could enhance the general public's awareness of the technology and where we stand today. We also hope that our study on government policies could provide some input and reference for policy makers to drive IPv6 deployment.

It is our strong belief that digital technology will play a more and more important role in driving the world forward. The ultimate transition to IPv6 and IPv6+ will be the fundamental enabler of digital economy transformation and improved social governance.

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