emlyon business school Team Participated in the 15th
Shanghai International Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament


emlyon business school students and alumni participated in the 15th Shanghai International Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Invitation Tournament on June 9th and 10th during the Asian Campus Semester. This event is the largest activity for local citizens in celebration of Dragon Boat Festival. Held on Suzhou Creek, the dragon boat race attracted 52 teams and 944 participants this year. emlyon team is one of the international groups participating in the dragon boat racing.

In fact, as one of the most important activities in Asian Campus Semester, dragon boat racing helps international students experience Chinese culture as well as build the spirit of “early maker”. Students are pleased to make acquaintance with competitors from different countries and areas. In addition to enjoying the competition, students learned a lot from cooperation with each other and team spirit.

During the dragon boat racing, emlyon team members made their full efforts under the command of the drummer. Although they have limited experiences, they tried their utmost and gained good grades in the dragon boat racing.

After the match, participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to take part in the racing. They not only enjoyed the competition but also deepened their cultural understanding and enhanced team-work spirit. The “early maker” sprit stimulated by the competition will contribute to the students’ future development.

▲ emlyon students are watching the game and cheering.

emlyon team fulfilled the competition of 200 meters Preliminary, Semifinal, and Final and 500 meters Preliminary, Semifinal, and Final. The grades for 200-meter race for emlyon team was 1’37’’, 1’29’’, 1’27’’. The grades for 500-meter race were 3’57’’, 3’20’’, and 3’10’’. Compared with that of last year, emlyon team made a huge progress in the dragon boat racing this year.

Huang Zheng

Grande Ecole MSC in Management, 2015

Very happy I was invited to join the Dragon Boat Race on behalf of emlyon. We didn't have much time practicing but we broke our own records in every race, which demonstrated the great potential of our team! Every team member showcased great team spirit and I do enjoy it very much. Looking forward to more activities organized for Alumni!
YU Charlotte

ACS Student from Programme Grande Ecole

I am so glad to have participated in the dragon boat festival. First, I really learned a lot on the personal plan and on team work. Second, it is a real honor and pleasure to have been part of this huge event because it represents Chinese culture and it is important for me to really try and understand Chinese culture during my exchange. The atmosphere during the event was really cool. Furthermore, it’s a really impressive sport. I will remember this week end all my life, I am really proud to say that I was part of one of the biggest event in China !
AUBERT Maxence

ACS Student from Programme Grande Ecole

From many points of view, to compete in the Suzhou Creek’s Dragon Boat race was a great experience. More than just paddling, we learnt to put our individualities apart for the more powerful strength of being harmonious. This challenge was also a deep-dive into one of the most amazing event of China, and I think we can all better apprehend the cultural wealth of this beautiful country now. For all these reasons, a big xié xié !

ACS Student from MSc in Sports Industry Management

I am Lai, student from SIM project in Emlyon Business School, also fulltime Embassador of Emlyon.

Cultural shock happens everywhere. We all are the brand New beginners without systematic training. Without any doubt, we were struggling and complaining during the first round of race. We decided to ask for help from professionals and made our own slogans to do this race as a real team. Finally, we got better and better as every round goes by. We also recognized each other’s' effort. The race was ended with lovely friendship and precious trust.


The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originated in China during the Warring States Period (476 - 221 BC). The legend says that in 278 BC a famous Chinese poet and minister Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river protesting against the occupation of his country by the State of Qin. People were in mourning and searched for his body sailing their boats down the river. That is how the festival emerged. Even after centuries, people continue to imitate the searching acts to show their respect for this great patriot. Because Qu Yuan died on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, Festival is held each year on that exact day. As the lunar calendar is flexible the date of the festival is also floating, but it usually falls in late May or the half of June.

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