Congratulations! 2018 Summer ICP Achieved Great Success!


Cooperation of best companies and top business school In-company project is held in emlyon business school Asian Campus each year, offering multi-cultural groups of students to work on real business projects faced by the real company and come up with real proposals and real recommendations at the end of the semester. Each team of students will draw on solid general management knowledge, the specific learning contents and their diversified backgrounds in order to analyses and resolve the particular issues while coming up with tangible outputs for the future development of the company.

ICP Overview of ICP in Asian Campus 2018 Summer Semester

In 2018 Asian Campus Summer (ACS) semester, 288 students have completed their ICP project for 48 companies. 7 academic tutors and 41 company supervisors has devoted in. 20 groups of MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, 10 groups of MSc in Sports Industry Management, 15 groups of Program Grand Ecole students walk in companies and discuss with their tutors and companies supervisors each Wednesday during the 3-month ACS Semester and work on diverse real business projects in different field. The ICP not only deepened students’ understanding of Asian business environment in real business practice, but also achieved the fruitful results for the enterprise as an innovative and professional view has been brought by emlyon students.

ICP Final Presentation

Students discussing ICP project

ICP Comments from academic tutor and company superviosrs

ICP is an invaluable project which allows the students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have obtained in the classroom and implement it in a real live company situation. The students gain valuable insight into business operations in China and provide businesses with exceptional analysis on trends within China that they can apply to their operations. A unique experience for organizations and the students who participate.

▲ Andrew Woods, academic tutor in ICP program

ICP achieves a win-win cooperation between emlyon business school and Accor Hotel Group.  We have cooperated with emlyon business school in ICP program for 4 years. More than 10 hotels, 40 delegates has been involved and 8 projects has been implemented. From the ICP program, emlyon students benefit from engagement in the real operation in our hotels and the close connection with leaders of our group. They can also bring fresh air to our group and help on making further and deeper investigation of a specific project.

▲ Alieen MA, Sustainability Manager Greater China of Accor Hotel

ICP offers a valuable opportunity to a western brand looking into the Chinese market for the first time. The project is even more useful when speaking of a start-up company. This project also gives the chance to know high quality students, who may be possible candidates for a future job in the company.

Students worked professionally bringing a significant number of data and displaying them with logic in support of the project's deliverables. They provided the company with an in-depth focus on the Chinese luxury market, based on which it is possible to make different strategic considerations.

▲ Leonardo Camerini, CEO of Leo Camerini

Academic tutor giving ICP presentation

2018S ICP Kick-off group photo

ICP Students Sharing

It was a really interesting experience to work for a Chinese company specially with Angela Zhang, our Chinese manager. She was very involved in this project and she helped us to go further on our recommendations and to think out of the box as real business consultants. Be part of In-company project is a very good opportunity to put one foot in the business consulting environment.

▲ Louise Leroux and Jerome Vincent, PGE Students,
Business consultants for ESBfood / IQC Insights

I'm very grateful to emlyon business school for offering us the ICP project. Our ICP company is W Shanghai on the bund. We worked on the subject of "E-Marketing Strategy to spread the Brand's name in China". Supervisor Renee Xu was very cooperative. Sabine Ichikawa, our academic supervisor is a great mentor who guided us throughout our project. She encouraged us and provided correct feedback every time which helped us to improve.We learned a lot about Social Media Marketing. Thanks to Madame Renee,two of us spent one day in the Marketing department in W hotel which gave us a deeper insight. Even though we had slight problems within our team, we faced it and we did a good job.

▲ Bathula BABU, IHM Students,
Marketing consultant for W Shanghai

I enjoyed the team cooperation and tutor's help. I overcame my constraint and performed better and better. Our team also got a very positive feedback in our final presentation from our tutors:“I use the word ‘professional’ and that is an excellent way to describe them. By far the best presentation today.” It was the mutual trust and close cooperation between us that could make the project go well.

I gained the lifelong benefit in the ICP project, our ICP company, Mandarin Oriental is among the top luxury hotels worldwide, and our supervisor Marcel Kofler(Food& Beverage director of this company)and his assistant gave us patient guidance and strong support. And most precious of all is the friendship between our teammates. I am quite sure I become closer to a real early maker!

▲ Yiru LI, Shanghai partener university students,
Business consultant for Mandarin Oriental

2018S Students in ICP presentation

2018S Students in ICP presentation

ICP We want you:

ICP for 2018 Asian Campus Fall semester will start on September 6th. Please feel free to click the following list to catch the opportunity to involve in ICP program!

For company partners, click if you are:

- interested in cooperating with emlyon business school

- willing to provide meaningful projects of strategic importance or with valued operational impact.

- expecting to engage  teams of multi-cultrual students with business backgroud and at no cost to their organization.

For local Chinese students, click if you are:

- currently in Master’s programme/ 4th year of bachelor programme

- majored in the fields of Social Sciences or Management or in related fields

- with good written and oral skills in English, able to communicate with international students.


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