15th Annual China Goes Global Conference

2021-10-18 ~ 10-19

"Chinese firms in a new era of globalization"

Presented by the Chinese Globalization Association, in cooperation with emlyon business school

As predicted during last year’s China Goes Global, the responses of firms and governments to the post-pandemic situation continues to evolve in 2021. This year we look at sector specific adjustments, in areas such as accounting, pharmaceuticals, health care and telecommunications, to the changes and uncertainties caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic and the attendant retreats from globalization around the world.

The Chinese Globalization Association would like to thank Prof. William Wei of McEwan for his initiative as a member of this year’s steering committee and Professor William Wang at emlyon business school for their professionalism. In particular, the CGA proffers sincere thanks for the sponsorship of Huawei Canada which makes this year’s on-line conference possible.

Welcome all!

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October 18 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM (EST)

China Goes Global Plenary Session

Welcome and Panel 1: Chinese firms in a new era of globalization

Welcome Remarks: Dr. Julian Chang, President,Chinese Globalization Association

Panel 1: Chinese firms in a new era of globalization

Co-Chairs: Dr. Christoph Lattemann, Jacobs University and Dr. Cherrie Zhu, Professor, Monash University

Papers and panelists

The Internationalization of Chinese Accounting Firms

Dr. Jingqi Zhu, Associate Professor, Liverpool University

Gaining legitimacy or exploiting opportunities? MNCs’ response to the Belt and Road Initiative in China

Dr. Ping Lv, Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Global Positioning of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Bernadette Andreosso, Professor, University of Limerick and Ruhr Universität Bochum

Constructing a New Mechanism for International Investment Dispute: View from China

Dr. Xingrong Pan, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School of Law, Guangdong University of Finance

Research on the International Cooperation of the AIIB in Responding to Major Global Emergencies

Dr. Ping Wang, Associate Professor, Guangdong University of FinanceBREAK: 10 MINUTES


October 18 10:10 AM to 11:00 AM (EST)

China Goes Global:The Sectoral Challenges – Health Care

Panel Chair: Julian Chang, Dir.,Contemporary China Research Center, Tongji University

Papers and panelists

The dynamics of the Chinese healthcare industry

Francesca Spigarelli, University of Macerata

The role of China in International Research networks: pushing the competitiveness of the Chinese innovation ecosystem

Lauretta Rubini, University of Ferrara


DAY 2: October 19 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM (EST)

China Goes Global: The Enterprise Dilemma

•How Chinese firms manage the US/China trade battles.
•Impact of the pandemic on corporate strategies, leadership styles, and new organizations forms in Chinese MNCs or domestic firms.
•Impact of digitalization (e.g., cloud computing, AI, block chain, and 3D printing, among others) on strategies, organizational structures, and managerial skills in Chinese MNCs or domestic enterprises.

The Case of Huawei

Panel Chairs:

Chair: Dr. William Wei, Professor, MacEwan University

Co-Chair: Dr. Xiaohua Yang, Professor, University of San Francisco


Huawei in North America

Thomas Liu,Head of Public Policy, North America, Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.

Evolving Chinese State Capitalism, Deepening Global Interdependence, and Huawei’s ‘Up From the Bottom’ Innovation

Dr. Tom Lairson, Rollins College

Corporate Resilience Capabilities: The case of Huawei and Nokia

Anders Kjellman, AKC Ltd and Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Huawei in Canada: Doing Business in the Midst of Game of Thrones

Dr. Hadi Chapardar, MacEwan University

Huawei: Taking Stock and Moving Forward

Prof. Deepraj Mukherjee, Kent State University

Huawei: From China to the world

Dr. Haibo Hu, Dean and Professor, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics


The Chinese Globalization Association is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Florida. It was formed exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. Its mission is to assist, promote, and advance the research on the globalization of China, emphasizing multidisciplinary approaches, including fields of knowledge such as international business, management, marketing, economics, political science, education, history, sociology, and other relevant disciplines. 2021 marks the 15th annual meeting of the China Goes Global conferences, and the second on-line version.